The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) recently met in Geneva to discuss one of the "major health disasters" of the 20th century. The result of that meeting is a 65-page report titled "Overcoming Anti-microbial Resistance."

W.H.Org refers to existing antibiotics as mere "sugar pills," recognizing that they are no longer effective in treating diseases. There was a time when American health agencies, such as FDA, USDA, and the Centers for Disease Control, blamed the ineffectiveness of antibiotics on overprescription and overmedication by Americaís doctors. Parents have learned that antibiotics no longer work, but they donít understand why.
                                                                                Cuz Antibiotics don't kill me, they just
                                                                                get me PISSED!

W.H.O now recognizes that the increased use of antibiotics in animal feed has made treating human illnesses nearly impossible. Resistant strains of bacteria are growing at an alarming rate. Hundreds of millions of people effected with tuberculosis, typhoid, hepatitis, malaria, pneumonia, and other diseases have developed resistance to traditional antibiotic treatment. Evidence exists that drug-resistant strains of bacteria have crossed from one species to another, infecting humans.When we eat the flesh of an animal whose growth has been promoted by antibiotics, and whose body fluids contain those same antibiotics and new strains of bacteria resistant to those antibiotics, we are asking for trouble. BUT THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE HOLISTIC METHOD of knocking ALL BACTERIA OR ORGANISMS out of the body!

Trigger your IMMUNE SYSTEM! Mothers notice any baby disease treated with antibiotics fades, then comes back later, and returns REGULARLY! Adults who treat PNEUMONIA this way, keep getting the disease when their immune system has a momentary LULL. THe disease becomes resident. ONLY THE BODY's anti-bodies can squash a  GERM invasion. They do not need PILLS to help them out. They need an alkaline diet, (Google those two words and see ALT health site,) a juice fast, lots of salads, raw  soaked almonds for a protein for a while, peeled, and not so much meat, (which puts antibodies on a foreign protein alert, exhausting the immune system,) and hey, MEAT is very acidic reaction.

There are two other ways: For an article on COLLOIDAL SILVER and BLOOD ELECTRIFICATION, the two alternate methods of throwing bugs out of the body, even syphillis, if you have ADOBE ACROBAT to read a PDF file, go to