"Adrenal Maladaptation Syndrome" -
a range of medical conditions not usually recognized,
considered, or treated by mainstream doctors.

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Adrenal Maladaptation Syndrome:
A Sweet Solution For Coping With Stress
July 1998 Vitamin Research Nutritional News

by Ward Dean, M.D.

"....the third stage of the GAS (General Adaptation Syndrome) is
that of exhaustion, involving a depletion of our energy reserves
and loss of adaptational ability, leading to fatigue, or other
symptoms or diseases. Just as a chain breaks at its weakest link,
so too can exhaustion of our adaptive capacity result in stress-
induced disease. This stage of adrenal exhaustion is also
sometimes referred to as the adrenal maladaptation syndrome, or
hyperadaptosis (Dilman and Dean, 1992). Adrenal dysfunction may
be manifest by (1) an excess or inadequacy of cortisone, DHEA,
ACTH and/or CRF; (2) relative imbalances of these hormones and
releasing factors, or (3) loss of sensitivity of the hypothalamus
and pituitary to the normal inhibiting effects of these hormones."

"...Adrenal maladaptation syndrome may cause a variety of symptoms,
depending on which organ system is the "weak link" in the chain.
Some of the most common symptoms are listed in Table I. Symptoms
are often similar to those found in persons who suffer from
hypoglycemia, hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia."

Table 1 - Tintera, 1955.

Signs and Symptoms of Patients with Hyperadaptosis

(Adrenal Maladaptation Syndrome)

. Fatigue
. Nervousness
. Severe PMS
. Salt craving
. Depression
. Inability to concentrate
. Carbohydrate craving
. Allergies (hay fever, asthma)
. Anxiety
. Headache
. Alcohol intolerance
. Muscular pain and tenderness
. Joint pains and tenderness (arthritis)
. Weakness
. Poor memory
. Palpitation
. Abdominal discomfort
. Alternate diarrhea and constipation
. Obesity
. Poor wound healing
. Glucose intolerance
. Moon face
. Purple striae
. Loss of bone density

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