Make me magic, damnit!

As promised, the incantations, mantras, affirmations and studies you need to become a MAGICIAN, warlock, wizard or WITCH. Or just a very psychic person.

FIRST, TO BECOME AN OVERNIGHT MAGICIAN, AND MAKE MAGIC HAPPEN, YOU MUST BE HOLY! YES! There's no substitute for the real thing. HOLINESS is the first step in being a total WITCH 

EVERYONE HAS SINS. They are like blemishes on a blouse. We are going to use STAIN cleaner on them. Yep, with the KARMIC KEEEN-UP method we can l00% CHANGE YOUR KARMA for the better from bad karma, unlearned lessons, to sacrosanct perfection and do it overnight. OR almost instantly. HOW? Well, CLUES to this process have been given to the West by the great HINDU mystics RamaKrishna, Buddha and YOGI BHAJAN. 

METHOD NUMERO UNO! CHARITY.YOU ARE GOING TO Send a few green dollars thru the mail to DR. JULIANA OTIENO at the NYANZA HOSPITAL, BOX 1849, PEDIATRIC HOSPITAL in KISIMU KENYA, W.AFRICA for the babies to get well from maleria, they're dying of it now. or.... no money? Well, this is just as good, I swear, maybe better! ADDRESS a stack of envelopes to Dr.J. Give one envelope to every rich person you meet over the next week. Explain how Juliana is really doing good for African babies. I learned of her on a Ted Turner documentary. GOD will make more rich people come to where you are! 

MUCH more important, you are going to walk around with a holy buzz all day and night, and nobody can take it away from you. It doesn't wear out, like hair dye. IT doesn't RUN like eye makeup.It doesn't bleach like fabric in the washer. IT IS PERMANENT.

NEXT, read this file on HOLINESS thru simple CHARITY and do what it says tomorrow morning. FEED THE LITTLE BIRDIES.  THE FEED THE WILD BIRDS LESSON, CLICK ON IT.... IF YOU DO THESE two things, one NOW, one tomorrow morning, you will instantly be very HOLY. INSTANTLY. OVERNIGHT. BUCK me on this, be disobedients, sass the idea, thumb your nose at the FIRST LESSON, who loses? NOT ME! I’m already a happy witch having a ball!


SECOND ITEM - HOLY PEOPLE CAN CREATE on the ASTRAL PLANE  which is such a powerful ability that instantly things are also created in reality! THE PROTON field or ray is the invisible energy of the universe. It is like mind matrix or soul matrix --- l00% non material and non visible. YET it is is what creates and runs the ATOM

THE ATOM does not make the PROTON energy. It is the other way around. SOUL and THOUGHT actually created the material world, the ENVIRONMENT and EVENTS and the PEOPLE who are here. LIKEWISE what shows up around you, luck, events, fate, people... ALL OF IT. 

The same way scientists tell us that photons (which have no matter at all), create gaseous clouds, universes, people and life......Not necessarily in that order. THE ENVISUALIZATION of a God or saint creates reality. YOu're a GOD and SAINT now, so start creating. Learn the simple rules of CREATING taught by a great master I studied with. Read

THIRD ITEM - It is necessary to dump all the GRIEF, rage & negativity in your heart and mind.  A Bliss mood in you all day all night will attract luck. People just LIKE YOU! But when you allow those  Moody blues to ROOT in your consciousness, that DARK AURA puts a kibosh on your luck and any new friends who you might come across and even pushes away old friends. People STAY AWAY IN DROVES..

How do we lift our vibration? Do the MOOD ENHANCER KRIYA from time to time.  REMEMBER that life is like LICKING HONEY OFF A THORN. Don't be naive and expect there to be no thorns. Walk with zest and equanim, no matter what petty tyrants rain on your parade, no matter what travails seem to stand in the foreground of your life. So there's no money, no fine stuff,  GET OFF IT. That's just the consumerism of our day  run amok and that attracts the wrong people anyway. See who loves you in your blue jeans! See who's your bud when you're talented, upbeat, funny and a fountain of joy. Plenty will stay around for THAT!

 Instead of ever getting irritated, sad or moody for one second, DEVELOP YOUR gratitude and sense of AWE for and at life, reverence for it, refreshing that mood with the simple thought and words, 'isn't it great. God is wise to make it like this." Then, refresh your sense of your place in life, your LIFE MISSION. Do great work, childcare, geriatric helping,  activism which is mainly having groups in for potluck, so it’s parties, really. Why else would they call them POLITICAL parties? And do some fixing of society, maybe. Last, you can do things to develop your PSYCHIC ABILITY and mystics say that having E.S.P is fun. That'll make you happy. If you pick the right lotto ticket, it will!

 So let’s understand this, the bad moods are like trash and they must go. You can switch over and live in perpetual ecstasy. Easy. Just assume the pose. You think GOD would turn on a channel that sounds like a bowling ALLEY combined wih noisy soap opera? NO! But that's CHANNEL YOU! MAKE YOUR CHANNEL APPEALING! Lose the static. Your mind mantra will lift up to heaven if there's no static. READ GRIEF FILE

FOURTH ITEM- Day and night read great gurus. THE WEBWITCH WEBSITE is a GREAT ONE. A few dozen classrooms you can finish in an evening’s reading. FREE, too and no registering which I like. Don't spend a dime on books, go to the library. Also, go online, get the MASTER JULES files free from his website or more from me. Self made multi millionaire after he studied day and night with the best gurus, from INDIA, ORIENT and JULES wrote up all that he paid thousands to learn. I transcribed it so I got the data. READ ‘HOW TO TURN ON MY E.S.P.”

FIFTH ITEM: SATSANG! It's called HANGING WITH THE HOLY. You don't hang with disaster-wreakers you hang with SEEKERS! is a great article on MULTIPLE new age games that will create instant community built around a fun, monthly party but also trigger growth in your guests. Reading the file isn't enough. DO the file. That means phone invite all your pals, promise great yummie eats, music, and games. Tell them it's the TRUTH GAME party. (a second file with a simpler game.) 

SIXTH ITEM- LISTEN TO WHAT THESE PEOPLE TELL YOU. Those new friends, found on the Seeker's PATH, are the key people for you, your luck, your progress. Run things by them. Hang out. Eat out. They will bring you all that you need, that sweet heart, that job, that trip. 

LAST considering having a Group. The disciplines make the Plato, I always say. Teach Mind Tech 101 at a FREE LIVING ROOM GROUP to double your POWER! Or let the group teach one another. Play “TRUTH” have fun with it. STUDY in a group as you will attract new people you need in your life now to wipe out the bad effect of the OLD PEOPLE! NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF A LIVING ROOM GROUP SPIRIT NIGHT! HOW else does one learn the POWER RULES? The ones that enable HIGHER SELF to NOT FEEL FEELING OF LOSS, of being  'short' on something....or fame/money delayed...PAIN, RAGE, EGO, fear of not getting what we want, and then of course not WORKING on the PRACTICE of getting NEGATIVES OUT of daily events with A S**# TMAGNET of selfistic, banal, acquisitive and very negative thinking. (Which repels spiritual helpers who have to listen to you go on! So, you lose your angelic support!)

GURDGIEFF and OUSPENSKY told us we can only progress with SCHOOL FORCE. So read the book, then create a living room group dedicated to linking with the HIGHER SELF. Creating study / life habits will DELIVER a NEUTRAL POWER MIND. You can CHANGE the METAPHYSICAL MATRIX OF YOUR basic DESIRE-MIND, (THE EGO that punishes us, makes us semi-ineffectual) & transform your reality that way. 

This great teacher, THE late, great MASTER JULES -- had studied with all the great masters alive and dead, including the above two – and he left 200 spoken talks. One day we’ll podcast them. I transcribed dozens into typed LESSONS and COMPUTER htm FILES. These reveal the TRUE POWER PATH that he walked. VERY RICH, very competent, well connected in Hollywood. His sweetheart Jackie Bisset brought him almond milk she had made as his last meal. He had once been romantic yet he was a true GURU at the same time, talking about themes like: PROSPERITY, wealth, DEVELOPING one's talent, creating FOCUS out of attentiveness to the HERE AND NOW...and much more. 

JUST take a look at this article, now, for one second, click on THE SECRET OF MOVING OUT OF STAGNATION is one, and INCREDIBLY POWERFUL, no? JULES truly gives you THE SECRET! Now, many more like it, click on which is his NEW website that students put up. 

The central zeitgeist of his "HOW WE CAN GET THE POWER " doctrine is found by clicking on also.... Another website for his teachings:  and   BOTH sites have many more lessons. Read the  file on HOW TO LIGHT THE ambition "FIRE IN the BELLY" for those who want power, fame, wealth and find their ambition flagging. HOW to duplicate the ambition found in very successful rockstars, film stars, producers, directors, often found in lesser souls, but you can do it without sacrificing your spirituality, nobility & BUDDHIST 'centeredness

I'm betting you will be surprised what happens in your life when you start to incorporate & practice these RULES for living, thinking. Some people go right out of their MIND with delight. And if you practice all the time, you can stay that way. What happens is-- you replace the mind's usual MIND-yammer with positive affirmations like. "BOY this work I'm doing is really going to get me a higher salary or an agent and a gallery." etc. 

MANY practical, PRACTICE-ABLE tips like this that get you in CHARGE of your mind, and these magic tips are given in his trainings. ALL are transcribed by a student and are free, online. JULES BUCCIERI was a man who went to every guru in the world and he practiced what they taught. And synthecized it, He said our EGO is out to do one thing...kill us.!! 

So he devised The owner Operator's manual for the mind. SAVE these few files TO CACHE. SEND THIS AD TO YOURSELF BY EMAIL so that it's in your BROSWER! Send it to pals, too! Start a living room group; SHARE the 200 free files with your pals and one day your children! The Master Jules studied with all the CALIFORNIA MIND TECHS going, Vedanta, hatha yoga, kundalini gurus including YOGI BHAJAN of DELHI, also with Asian teachers, European. Traveled the world. DId Agni Yoga, did 'the work' of Gurdgieff, Ouspensky. Did EST with Werner Erhard, Was a trainer. Did AGAPE CHURCH. His rap is a poly-glot mix of all spiritual practices. 

The magic, however, is how the synthesis of a thousand years of metaphysics gives YOU a PLOTTED COURSE for YOUR MIND in daily life, one which creates prosperity, luck, bliss consciousness. He describes the hazards, obstacles and tells us WHAT NOT to do! LIKE inner yammer. Like desire mind. DO THE CREATIVE CHORES, THE VOWS but not desiring. That's like admitting you don't have what you want! 

The Master Jules RANT is such good stuff that I put it on a website after he died, for folks to find FREE. NOBODY PROFITS but the reader. Even in CALIFORNIA where we've heard all the schools of thought people see the ancient metaphysics in this new, useful, modern form. I feel anyone can create the MASTER JULES study group in their living room, maybe off a page on your website, or by sending his chapters to your personal email list... or even as a group in a church basement or in a yoga class group. We supply the files, no cost. This secretary here, who is putting up the ad, was his typist/file transcriber for forty years, Anita Sands. Google that name as she also writes on metaphysics. is my email. We can talk.

To get new chapters off tapes, we use headset/ foot pedal and 'dictating tape machine,' and transcribing a tape takes several days. WHY such effort? We want the world get this resource in cyberspace, filtering down to the world as it gives peace, bliss and riches! You can start a POWER OF MIND living room group THERE by the way. (click on that URL) 

We suggest you use the COURSE IN MIRACLES too, for a living room. THEY supply thosefiles., there’s a free COURSE CURRICULEM book they offer. Use that as a study tool. One does a chapter each meeting, of theirs. Or the Master Jules’ lovely, amazing words ARE YOURS! Don't miss this opportunity as it is life transforming! MIND- TRANSFORMING! THE PATH TO RICHES, BLISS and BEING UNTOUCHED by suffering, EVER and something you can program kids with drop by drop so they learn to handle life from their own POWER CENTER 

Magic means being prescient, deep. Hmmm. 

Wonder if Desperate Housewives is getting renewed?