"We have to build that independent left. It has to
  be so strong and so radical and so militant and
  so powerful that it becomes irresistible."

  Naomi   Klein, Nation columnist, author of The Shock
  Doctrine and No Logo

An enthusiastic activist spotted a wonderful and witty quote on the internet --- The Activists Creed: "We the willing, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. And we have done so much, for so long, with so little, that we are now qualified to do anything, with nothing." Author unknown

How wonderfully that quote caught the sweat on our foreheads, the drool on our chins as we concentrate on  SHAPING THE FUTURE so that our babies don’t get poisoned by the air, water & food,  drafted for wars to get more oil stolen from Arab countries which we leave littered with ONE MILLION DEAD CIVILIANS, our karma, our blame. Don't we all hate the Germans for letting the Nazi thing get started? They voted HITLER in!

We are activists so that we don’t get poisoned, KATRINA-ED, tsunamied or quaked or charged 500$ for lights and water for a month. We have a GOVERNMENT that  spitted us like pigs and gives our entire low salary to their corporate friends while the IRS has a third of our salaries  . COMPLAIN they IGNORE US. We are activists so that these greedy oligarchs don’t drill out the center of the planet  (One recent Indonesian drilling site collapsed the GROUND,leaving a vast sinkhole, said to have given the area its BIG million-death TSUNAMI). Other scientists allege it was seismic warfare.Deliberate, eh?

While there seems to be futility to this ‘work’ to save humanity --- the unofficial Paul Revere society, the Internet Informers  know full well that it takes very little cage-rattling for the oligarch jailer to become afraid and ease off on his pillaging!

The quote above is great fun, isn’t it? But take special note of last words, “NOW, WE ARE QUALIFIED TO DO ANYTHING!” Yep, it’s true! The effort we activists make is so great, that if we spent it in any other way than FIGHTING the  power hierarchy --- we could possibly JOIN the planetary overlords in the thrombosis of money making that’s OUT THERE  and be so very OK that we’d stop whining and sniveling! I'm only joking. You could however open a Public  Relations Firm and make a lot of money, or do YOU TUBE videos, whatever skills you hone doing activism.

We liberals remember that burst of democracy and charity during the depression thirties that created unionism and Social Security, Medicare and welfare for the starving. We don't want to tear apart those systems. They don't get made all that often! We want to build on top of them. NEW things we need. SCHOLARSHIPS for all smart kids to go to college free and NO INTEREST loans to do it!

But with the post WTC Empire Strikes back War, ON COUNTRIES who did nothing to the WTC…spending all the  money that CITIZENS need for health/education and welfare. so that we don’t have it. well, we activists have sharpened our  pencils, wits and tongues for WAR, paid ISP’s to be our NSA/ CIA and with the Net, inform ourselves and bury our noggins in research at spurious websites, then send said info around as an act of secret WAR against the war.

What long hours have we spent in our chair before PC’s that might better be spent in gainful employment, hmmm? Maybe  joining city hall is better than fighting it. Am I a ‘devil of doubt’ when I say that? I know there are these legends of the war that activists like us caused actual social change once... Gandhi, a single man, buried Brit Colonialism forever after with non-violent demonstration! Then there's NYC back in the socialist union 30’s, where Social Security was spawned, and my generation of hippies protested Washington right out of a war, though it took a few years of yelling to do it.

But hear tell the big daddies really have the planet WIRED now. It’s an international community headed by a needle sharp POINT (one single man) way at the top like a Nazi hierarchy. And I’m betting the CIA/ RAND tank and SAIC have all our numbers and look down from on high and laugh ‘No chance these puny guys will stop US.’ We are going to seize control of the entire planet and get rid of anyone who isn’t useful to our machine.

Is there a flaw in thinking that the international business community on the grand scale can EVER work for the little man. Can they train every last one of us to be a handsomely paid cog? THEY, the big guys, have the entire world wired so that it most economically renders all the fat into their hands an they do this globally as well as locally. We idiots in hometown USA are not even good at being LOCAL. We haven’t an ounce of control over anything in our own communities. Not a POTHOLE are we able to fix. We have no way to signal OUR local leaders to see to our steel factories closed, because not on a local level, not on even a national level is anything going to be done for anything in our hometown. NOBODY on top has any affiliation to OUR TOWN. And if the order doesn’t come from ON TOP in this new society, it’s not coming.

Steel will be made in Africa because resources and labor are cheap. And our steel workers will be jobless, our factories closed while the third world becomes a little more comfortable and we have to learn another profession. Not a denim overall job. Maybe computer programming or something. And when welfare dries up in the Gobi desert of a permanent war economy, our ex steelworkers will be hijacking food trucks at the outside of town and coming into our yard to eat the oranges, and then the poodle and parakeet.

In PRIMARY COLORS, "Clinton" (played by Travolta) tells us we’re going to be jobless if we don’t
upgrade and learn to do first world jobs. The other kind were exported to the third world where they properly belong. We have to go back to school, he tells an AFL/CIO bunch of unemployed factory workers. Car workers, I think. And they applaud the news that in their mid 30s they have to start over, hit the books again or hit the breadlines. Well, it was a mooooovie, guys.

See, it’s soooo damn hopeless. And the more we hate them, the planetary overlords, the more we subtract ourselves from the widget they are building, The NEW WORLD—and probably the farther down stream we’ll end up shipwrecked on its future shore so I suppose I should close up shop and take Novell Networking classes and go get an honest job.

But some tiger instinct in the activist says ‘hate what the rich guys do to you, making you a cog, alienated labor and all. Mistrust it, despise it, hate them for plotting their economic convenience,’ they who run around in Bentleys and dine on Caviar at the Ritz. However, I recognize the scent of jealousy on my caviar-free breath.

My stupid side says just relax, love them that do you evil, trust in Him that runneth the show. He will fix it. God will fix it all. The Planetary Overlords are really a personified version of God. They will make a cozy world. Milton Friedman said so. Is this how people fall asleep and dream the most beautifully just when they’re freezing to death in the snow? Dying in a deceptively warm dream of cozy safety? GET UP AND RUN, FIGHT THEM, the cagey old war scarred Internet warriors tell me. And they’re political activists, they should KNOW. Maybe God manifesting on earth as a political institution of absolute purity is a Hegelian pipe dream. Is it?

I am answered by the voice of Karl Marx, "God is a seduction rigged by the rich to tame the poor, and put them to sleep."

So as you can see, I’m hearing voices. I’m having an inner conflict, here. I distrust my own hatred of the nazi hierarchy as Buddhism teaches that all hatred is to be avoided. All rebellion too --- the original sin of Lucifer. Rebellion is futile, maybe even morally objectionable. Rebellion is a kind of sign of our distrust in our loving Father. The perfect son of a devoted father recognizes all duress as a blessing, all challenges as gifts, all lack as a badge not of LACK OF APTITUDE, but lack of self-recognition of Godhood. We are able. Just klutzy. We are GODS and live in a dream created by a loving God-Father.

See, my real father on earth, Big Al, is such a cheatin’ shit sonovabitch that I think I’m only an anarchist 'cause I’d shoot him if I could. And at least TWO of my ‘ex’s.’ Someone should have shot them too. Maybe three of my sons too. AND DEFINITELY the main BOYFRIEND. Lying scumbag, keeps marrying Polish starlets as I had too many boy children to suit him. Shoot them all, right thru the eyes. Although, there are two other targets I might shoot between... Bush and Rummy, well that’s THREE as the SENIOR BUSH is the real oligarch-serving crumbum.

So, see, I’m just an angry lady. My politics should immediately be suspect. Maybe Marx, Trotsky and Lenin were angry too. Maybe my problems with POLITICS are that I hate MEN and my problems with MEN are why I’m an anarchist. I might also own up to having some serious authority figure problems. I know when I worked at that psychic hotline and the manager patrolled the thousand desks of us phone psychics, the fur on the back of my neck rose.

SO, how about you guys? Should we launder our gall, shrink our adrenals and dry out our anger hormones up with a tantrum yoga session and then calmly, accurately,  take up the pen? Or the Podium? Or the video camera to give the world YOU TUBE LESSONS? Or when I’m all balanced, soothed and dry-cleaned, should I just go work at the bank? Get a 5 month course in being a paralegal and earn 75k a year and work in this INJUSTICE SYSTEM? Or trust in Father God to fix it all, freeze, die and go to heaven? I mean I have an oppressive, threatening landlady, who breaks laws with impunity because the rental board changed things around so horribly, favoring landlords. My slumlord is currently raising the rent 11% at a swack, I have no heat, rent is way over my head and I am jobless.

My most gentle son had a momentary schizophrenic week or two after a trip to EUROPE where he couldn’t afford hotels or food so he drank coffee in parks, ate out of trash cans. Now, he is in his 18th year of being dosed with body-destroying chemicals at a state mental hospital. I can’t get him out as he lit a fire in a shed at work and there was some serious FIRE damage and now the state of California has a felony HOLD on him. They think he’s Kozynski. (Note, we pleaded him crazy as Public Defender insisted, so he’s in a mental hospital 18 years now, but he’s as sane as you or I. Problem is, he was restored to sanity with the first few month of relaxation, food and sleep. But the PRO's keep him as they think BEDLAM is good for people. Due to the money states pays these shrinks they ALL DO EVERYWHERE. So my sweet son won’t be around for a few years more. If we’d have let him take a felony rap, he’d have been out in a year, but he’d be crazy from the daily raping so we didn’t go that route.) Instead he got every bone broken from beatings of crazy patients and a psych tech pulled his arm off his shoulder (A.C SEPARATION) insisting my kid play football, and then using the game to kill the kid, who is just a sweet, soft, kind baby who always prayed over sick kitties. JESUS LIKE, really!Smart. Bought, rebuilt 13 motorcycles one after the other, selling each at profit. A valuable man to society.

So I have every reason to be an anarchist. Why does my hand tremble as I pronounce the word REVOLUTION? Isn’t it phenomenal magic that the word EVOLUTION is contained inside it? All kinds of activism, picketing, anarchy, strikes, unions of labor, popular groups work! They work bigtime. ANY revolt by the people brings benefits. THE RULING class is afraid of us gang. They have ways to take revolution out of you, you know.Or maybe we activists might want to do it to ourselves so we can concentrate on being like them and just making piles of money.

What was it called in l984 when you got your politics rearranged? Some sort of cerebral disk wipe. You saw more of it in CLOCKWORK ORANGE, an old Kubrick film you should rent where the cops and hospitals reprogram delinquents by taping their eyes open and giving them a slide show of horrors, aversion therapy combined with electric shock so they learn to hate the code of Anarchy they previously embraced. Can I apply for that? And just stick some ‘trade tech’ in there instead. Novell will do.

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Anita Sands Hernandez, mother of 4,
                        activist, researcher, poster, writer is also a
                        career astrologer. She lives in RESEDA,
                        CALIFORNIA Anita Sands Hernandez is at astrology at earthlink dot net