HERE you will read the TRUTH about the PHONY 18th century "philosopher" JEAN JACQUE ROUSSEAU, a poetic THUG, The reason why his IDEAS are toxic is because HE WAS.   THESE are things that YOU WANT TO READ ABOUT! BUT IT GOT TOO MANY "HITS" websurfers, EARTHLINK my ISP said PAY MORE AND YOU CAN HAVE POPULAR ARTICLES. Not 40$ but 75$ The brigands! SO I MOVED IT TO ===> ROUSSEAU THE FAKE.

 See, supposedly ROUSSEAU was this big LIBERAL, PROGRESSIVE MAN OF INFLUENCE who gave birth to the hippie movement. In middle 1700. NOT SO. Yeah he got FAMOUS ---but he was talking out of the other side of his mouth. He fooled them all. These are things and people that you want to know about.

EARTHLINK --- my WEBHOST ---doesn't like liberal articles as they seem to WANT THE ENDLE$$ WAR to continue so I MOVED THE PAGE THEY REFUSED TO FIT INTO MY "FREEBIE WEBSITE" --I moved that file to my more GENEROUS WEBHOST folks called DOMAIN MONGER and YOU CAN READ WHAT LEFT WINGER PROGRESSIVESS WANT TO HIDE... that the father of the hippie movement was an elitist craving attention. A bad man who got a good idea early.
Better to get NO IDEA at all than a fake one that doesn't fit in your BIOGRAPHY.