A MESSAGE FROM THE MASTER JULES Dictated from his death bed.

THE MASTER JULES"The body is just the vehicle, the instrument which the player pulls the music through. Put sugar, coffee, bacon, eggs, steak grease in the gas tank, polish that off with a few cigarettes…a few beers, then the body is a tragedy.

Don't let me scare you. The body doesn't really exist; neither does the world, -- all of these problems we think we have. We are just doing mischief when we make tragedy seem real.

The shape you let your body be in, is the cause but the effect comes back on the body, emotions and mind which are all made up illusions to replace the holy spirit which is the only thing that exists. Spirit which is invisible and formless. And way beyond the effect of those beers.

The universe is a playground and we got it backwards and made the playground our universe. We made FUN and PLEASURE the goal and didn't acknowledge the source, therefore, we suffer.

Ask the moth about tropism, about getting so involved with fiery illusions that we fly right into the fiery end of the pleasure trip. I mean, how hard is it to ignore seductive, addictive and very illusory pleasures that can and do destroy the body? ---When with such ease can we resist, with such effortless will power, we are freed of all the penalties, death, disease, ego, the dashing of hopes and plans and aspirations!

When you RESIST the siren call senses, resist the endless surf of mind dashing itself repeatedly on the rocks of illusion, when you avoid all that…the ego is no more. You stop wasting time, calories, energy. Lifetimes of it and you become efficient, effective. A tool for furthering the action down here. Not some flailing maniac screaming and taking it out on everybody.

So be even. Be middle of the road. Don't take sides. Don't travel the right road into materialism. Don't travel the left road of pure spirit. Instead be non-attached and see where this fated road which God gave you --- takes you.

At a crossroads, let synchronicity and signs call you forward. Be a sign reader. Crossroads really bring out that ability even if it was never there. If you have fixed beliefs and try to use them to make choices, you're like a badminton player with a lead racket. You're not light, in the here and now. Preconceived ideas are always wrong. If you battle evil with dark things driving you, you become what you battle. SO lighten up. Truth is what's so but not so obviously, the truth is so what? Make your mind into a Teflon surface; let all thoughts just slide right off it.

Have you ever gone 5 minutes without a thought that you didn't buy into? Let the damned things roll off even before you hear them out. STOP LOOK AND LISTEN and if you see a thought coming, step out of the way fast.

Be still. Only in the sleep is there wakefulness. I give you the truth I tell you and never do you live it. Don't get mad at yourself for being a chatterbox. Don't waste time hitting yourself over the head that you are. Don't spend another day, month remembering that you forgot to wake up. Just slap yourself occasionally, hard and say 'wake up. Now is all there is."

I was on the road with a group of children. We saw a river. They wanted to go wading. I said 'no, we have to get where we are going.' We never got that chance again. Don't postpone ecstasy for some day you marked on a calendar. If ecstasy comes and offers itself, park the car, strip and jump in.

I learned from that. Now, I say 'HERE AND NOW is all there is. I say Jules, Don't think. Don't evaluate. Don't be in such a hurry to go somewhere that doesn't exist --that you aren't able to BE where you are!

Man is funny. He spends his entire life like a deer in the headlights eyes wide with fright saying "I have to do something I have to go somewhere. I have to think it up now, what do I do next? I know I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING."

That's no good. If you're thinking all that crap, that car with headlights coming at you will SURELY hit you.

And you can't change a thing anyway. That's not how it is. Once I went to a psychic. Very weird lady. I'm convinced she was an alien. She said "tomorrow you will drive with your lawyer to the court and lose the case, this is the judge's name, Weinberg, it's a woman, she'll hate you on sight because you remind her of her hippie son. I said, No you're wrong. The judge is a man, I'm driving in my car, alone." The psychic said "no, you won't and in six years you'll be dead of cancer." I laughed, said not me. I'm a vegetarian". She shrugged and said "just get your affairs in order." Then she said "sit down here and I'll tell you every event that's going to happen in your life for fifty dollars." I laughed in her face, said no, you're clearly wrong, I left. Next day my car was dead, I had to call my lawyer. He drove me to court. Last minute substitution of judge, I got a woman. Nobody could figure why I lost, my case was perfect. I thought of paying the fifty but if she told me every damn thing in detail like that and it was all fated.....?

So that brings me to this. If everything is fixed and fated, why do we spend so much time with this illusion that there's something to do to change it? Why are we bothering to evaluate what we think may or may not be headlights coming at us. Why aren't we just sniffing the night air in ecstasy?

So right now, my spirit is guiding me to say, don't worry about your responsibilities, your family, your relatives, your pets, your children. Your lawcase, your lawyer and your crazy judge. Just be there with these beautiful people, on your dancing toes like an expert, graceful ballet dancer, totally connected with that moment, and being beautiful, relaxed and thoughtless, give the most amazing performance that you can.

Don't think so much. Do what SPIRIT bids you to do, without worrying. Your spirit will guide you every second. You will, like that ballerina, also be astoundingly pretty to watch.