I love information and the people who write, research or send it. Cyberpals of mine scout down the most impressive stuff. They have a ‘list’ in their browser’s EMAIL section, sometimes a l00 names of chums. They really get the INFO OUT! I am a list gatherer. Every net-pal I befriend goes into one list or the other. I run about a dozen different theme lists:

See http://www.masterjules.net/freeseminar.htm

As I research, write, run lists, and publish hundreds of articles, on holism, activism, marrying well, gourmet health foods, --I LOVE list senders. I have collected at least a dozen people who assiduously surf the net, check headlines sniff down hot stories and send it to me. Half the time I never heard it thru regular news channels. Ask me for their names and you can get on some peachy lists.

Fer instance: THIS VALUABLE URL just came to me minutes ago. "A book printed in 1976, The Rockefeller File by Expose Journalist, Gary Allen see: The Rockefeller File  http://www.whale.to/b/allen_b.html  -- Steve my pal sent me my first activism article. He was good. He FOUND THIS BOOK free ONLINE? SLEUTHSVILLE! And he saved me 50$ which ABE BOOKS wants for the 30 year old book? BRAVO!

The real ratty gossip on the richest family in USA, one that guides and controls your daily life is there, still, 15 yrs later So CLICK UP THERE ^ on the URL and read the DISS. Find out how the Rocks killed Congressman LARRY MC DONALD who had read that book carefully and talked about that information requiring NEW LEGISLATION against the IMF/ FEDERAL RESERVE and all those BILDERBERGER TYPE GROUPS that SET POLICY and PRICES and CURRENCY RATES and all of the things that make jobs, food, homes, education and heat, gas, water, phones, servers and CABLE hard to HAVE!

http://www.dissident-net.info/dr-lawrence-p-mcdonald-md/ is another one. Save salient passages to cache, i.e. your C DRIVE slash OLIGARCHS. You don’t
know how to do that? You need a file manager like ZTREE. READ " HOW TO SAVE A FILE TO CACHE "

.Then learn to GOOGLE and use the right 'search terms,' then  SURF to find the really great URLS.And send them by FORWARDING to chums. Make LISTS, the browser you use for email can do that. Create your POLITICAL PERSONS or CHUMS list.  I’d love for YOU to join me and Steve. in using our web surfing researching googling fingers and our email to list-sending abilities and be the ACTIVIST LEADER in YOUR CIRCLE to send pals fresh, hot, steaming URLs THE BEST SITES.(THAT is a list of great websites with the real skivvy on CONSPIRACY THEORY.) But when you surf somewhere neat and then send a PAL THE URL, make sure they’re LIVE LINKS, i.e. that I can point and click. I'm gonna confide what no pal does tell you. If it's not a live link, they are not going to cut and paste it into their browser. Time is money, honey. Realize that we’re all poor these days and our TIME has to be for raising huge rent, kid money, utility cash, petfood money so don't make us go nuts WANTING to see what URL you sent, but unable to go there in one fingerpoke. EEEEK. I want to go there but can't! Work is expected of me!

You need to make a live link that you send a pal TOTALLY ALIVE. You know the riff but you don't DO IT! WRITE IT OUT RIGHT! http://www.url.com BLUE AND UNDERLINED AND DONE BY DOING THE LINK CHAIN MENU choice THING AT TOP OF SCREEN......is the only way the thing can be alive. NOTJust www with no http:// slash slash in front of it. Without the slash that URL’s deader than a doornail.

ALSO it may be that your browser is sending your email in HTML CODE which of course is not alive like plain text. SO EDIT YOUR BROWSER’s PREFERENCES to send text not HTM. YOU do not want to send anything OUT OF YOUR EMAIL CLIENT in the BROWSER as html! No reason for it. You can append or attach your HTM files and everybody can read them all formatted and colorized like this one here.

Like this one, YOUR WRITINGS can contain live links. BUT YOUR EMAIL should go out as TEXT! If your email browser has Edit Preferences as a choice, and then FORMATTING as a sub choice heading, you pick plain text. Never set it at "SEND AS html' as in that case, no link you give a pal is a live link. UNLESS you edit your
file with WORD software and hit the CHAIN ICON at top and fill in the URL so it pops alive. But you are just catching things on the fly aren't you, like a neat URL and sending it on. So that won’t work. THERE is a way to send an URL that works. Highlight the URL while your mouse is on it, HIT EDIT ….then HIT COPY, then go to your email form, HIT PASTE once you get inside your email. Then it travels with the entire URL the http and all but meanwhile, switch from SENDING EMAILS as HTML!! Go to EDIT, hit PREFERENCES, and tell the browser to send all messages as TEXT NOW write the http thingie and mail a copy to yourself. you'll see it's ALIVE. THAT's IT!

Hey, you're now a writer. FINALLY, you will get people clicking on your pages or on the URLS that you send them. At that point, you become a link in the chain of ® EVOLUTION In all these years, using  html for your email, you could never inspire people to click --we see NO  BLUE underline THERE we know they are not LIVE LINKS! live links are BLUE, underlined, alive!!!! As Dr. Frankenstein said, 'it's alive, it's alive!" That lightning bolt that hit it made it so! Whoopeee! LIFE! CYBERLIFE!

The world gains. Evolution gains. The folks in Africa starving to death gain. You gain. You may even create webpages and get ad revenue. Mommy website called DOOCE.COM writer gets 40k a month in ad revenue. But don't do this for moola. What's important is that you certainly WILL have stopped writing flat, dead text and now you will get visitors to websites you like or your own perhaps and teach people how to FIX EVERYTHING ....as LIFE inspires MOTION! AND WE GAIN as the info you give us tells us how to create change, the 198 ways to get a villainous corrupt government off our backs. How to get a better, cleaner, more efficient government and if we can’t, how to launder our cash and do GUERILLA CAPITALISM.


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