You're a beauty, we know that. We understand its intoxicating to go into a country western joint and drive the men nuts all night. But if you want to marry a billionaire, you don’t want to be known for being a hard drinking, barroom temptress. You don’t want to be seen as an dancer/ actress/ MODEL who makes a living off her looks with two hours of photo work then hangs out in bars all night. Even if you do it with a pack of other single girls and even if they are all PERFECT classy beauties. 
We all know the type of playgirl that likes getting high on guys’ reaction to her looks. All these pastimes are so vapid, destructive to character and reputation. TIME wasters. CHEAP HIGHS. There are really wonderful highs out there that you’re not seeing. Like giving time and charity to a barrio daycare!
It’s true that your barroom pecadillos will never be seen by MR. Rich POSH BACHELOR who doesn’t hang at HILLBILLY HEAVEN and won’t see you. But what he will see is your face. If you’re hooked on HIGH TIMES, it shows. You are never going to tolerate a country club waltz without a SNEER. Sober SOCIALITEs will seem tame. YOUR FUN LEVELS will not be tickled by HUGH GRANT type city boys when you’re used to beating offCOWBOYS. You’ll never GET througha dull charity ball without going in the ladies room to down a few covert margaritas. YOUR liver hardens, your face hardens. Your body softens and then your LIFE is half soggy donut and half cement anchor dragging you down to the stony bottom of the lake.
There’s a phrase I love in Advertising -- out of a commercial. Someone hits their forehead hard and says “I shoulda had a V-8” To me it sums up the time wasting, high calorie pastimes we gals go in for. The BOLD STROKE raucous FUN the PARIS HILTON beauties get hooked on -- and in so doing, miss out on all the FINE tuning, the really elegant, gorgeous stuff that is useful and LIFE FORWARDING. 

You and your Butler walking the dog in Paris. He takes the dog home, you taxi to Chanel to pick up some suits you had fitted. Buying antique books in London for your husband’s library in your home over there. Meeting him in Rome for a week of fun. Then back to the New York home for the winter Balls. Or you and your best gal pals Shopping the backstreet bazaars of India, Asia,decorating houses back home with ORIENTAL bedrooms filled with Scalamandre Silk brocades costing ten thousand a yard in PARIS, but copies you get made in INDIA for a hundred a yard. Or, if you want to do the WORLD TRAVEL IMPORT/ EXPORT to feed artisans UNESCO BAZAAR type thing, then you and pals shopping in the bazaars, learning which villages weave which fabric. Going to that village to sign up the loom master. You know what gets in the way of enjoying those things?Dancing, modeling and STRIPPING CAREERS! Lucrative but no matter what it pays,its kind of low class and involves a permanent stain to your record so what’s the point in sullying your rep with this work? It would be like robbing banks to practice your gun work before going to COP COLLEGE!

WHY WORK JOBS like that? NOT for MONEY CUZ there’s obviously much more money over a longer period of time out of a good marriage. (LONG PERIODS do exist, you know. I have a few newspapers here, from1976 when I was your age. Here’s one, Picture of Liz Taylor with her baby daughter. BEST FACE I EVER SAW! Try to imagine that the day will come when your face will get bulgy like an old, JC Penny Purse. LOOK AT LIZ TAYLOR at the end of her life...Once was the very best face in the world. JC PENNY PURSE face from fifty onwards

Marrying for affection (not high times,) marrying for a billion to maybe fifty billion is better than sullying your rep with this AMERICAN COUNTRY WESTERN kind of play style and bags under your eyes the next morning. PLAY STYLES are addicting. One can get hooked on them. Five good years and then you’re a JC PENNY PURSE and an empty one at that. With haggard eyes!

THERE IS much much MORE money and a fifty year lifetime of changing the planet that comes from marrying a rich guy so JUST forget short-shot money for the time being. 

AS FOR RENT CASH, couldn’tyou find another career that’s sorta sweet? LIKE working in a daycare part time? Or raising funds for a daycare that needs scholarships for starving mothers’ latch key kids? If you’re cruising charity balls in your second hand OSCAR "RENTA" SATIN dress, with debutante pearls, telling rich old ladies about the PETIT CASA DAYCARE and how you need some donations, they’re gonna haul you over to MR. TYCOON and make the introductions right there! YOU LOOK GOOD explaining how these are latch key kids and pulling pictures out of your purse, and giving them the biz card and say please come in the daytime. AND BEING there when the limo pulls up! 

Now I’m including a file here, below. AN URL actually. This URL tells allon a real, fun famous gal (WELL, once a total nobody but a nobody who was very pretty,) who attracted the BEST. She married well. ROXANNE PULITZER, the famed PULITZER newspaper fortune heir as in the PULITZER PRIZE? Got this article on her over at the DIVA website. Not all girls who marry billionaires are divas. Some are jes plain folks. BUT THIS SITE IS THE DIVASITE. And they get to say who’s a DIVA and who’s not.

There are many biographies here you might enjoy reading. I think the lovely ROXANNE’s is interesting. She married her billionaire but together, they played too hard, too carelessly. Those were coke years understand, some orgies, drugs and ménage a trois -- well, she got a little hooked on the fun and lost his respect, and he took the kids away from her in the divorce. PUBLIC SIDED with her due to her book on him! HE WAS WORSE than she ever thought of being, and a real hypocrite to boot.

She wrote four books and they are older, from the 80s so you can get them for a buck at http://www.abebooks.comCheck this wonderful used book resource out!

GREAT STUDY material if you ever thought of going to FLORIDA as PALM BEACH has many billionaires. She is a PALM BEACH GURU now, teaches jazzercise! Bet she could teach a lot more huh? FLORIDA gals? LOOK HER UP! I always told you, older women were the path way to the HEART OF THE OLIGARCH COMMUNITY. I haven’t told you why yet

The MOM and daughter SYNDROMEWhen undistracted by country western bars, curly haired, sweaty hunks, ---as the autumn of her life opens up…older women actual learn to prefer the mother daughter relationship. Their own daughters hate them. They made all their mistakes there. The relationship is stiffer than a dead giraffe. So you are a breath of young, lively SPRING air to a loving MOM!

VICARIOUS ENJOYMENT.Your adventures, not the X rated ones but the adventures you have in her ritzy community really appeal to her. She has much to teach you as she made mistakes once, and has learned terrific things. Gossip all you want. She is a fountain of wisdom.

BOREDOM/CURIOSITYHer life is a tad on the bare side, so you bouncing around in it, at her country club by day, learning to golf, play tennis, making pastries in her big designer kitchen, throwing parties with her….is just a joy! ALL THE THINGS she could have done with her own kid if the brat weren’t so hateful!

OUTRIGHT REVENGE. How many men in her high society world are known as cads? They played around on the first wife, they maybe even had an affair with your elderly woman friend. SHE will sic you on ‘em like a setter on a possum and whistle Dixie as you bound off, teeth first into some old possum she hates, highly placed in her ‘set.’ I remember some producer had taken a writer pal of mine for a cash ride. My friend was making a film in Spain, knew Ava Gardner very well .. they’d go drinking at flamenco joints all the time. He asked AVA to seduce and torture the producer. She did a pro job on the guy. MANY very happy rich people fancy revenge. 

So keep your nose clean. Busy yourself acquiring a TOWN AND COUNTRY mag WARDROBE half from VOGUE patterns, half at the local resale joint. As an astrologer, society lady clients give me whole wardrobes. Used of course. Massage therapists get the same gifts. You can then hit garage sales or thrifts for some good large fake pearls and fine purses. 

LAST, spend some time studying latch key kids and their daycare needs. Start a charity that gives poor moms scholarships at EXTANT daycares. You don't have to open daycares unless you want to start a foundation. That would be a sensation of course. But do good works because you know what? The back end of your life is a LOT BIGGER AND LONGER and could be a lot more fun than the brief front end where you just get to date cowboys, then date a sweet older man with a lot of gelt, because then you get to do BIG THINGS, take hundreds of little children thru daycare, kinder then grammar school happily and finally college and jobs.....by starting them off young in a fine daycare. Also  you'll be giving their moms a chance to hold down a job and thusly feed her children.