Many clients ask me for astrological stock investment tips I only give one. Wait for a dynamite day, visible in the free dailies at my website * and when you find such a day,  go to a STOCK SITE that trains you in investment strategies and does so 100%  for free. Then go to a site that covers, tracks and offers FOREIGN IPO EMERGING DATES/ HOURS and see what stock emerged for the first time that morning and put your entire savings account in that stock and just sit there until you can make enough money on one of those stock surges, to buy a house.

That's one way. Another is on that hot astrological day, to call a few pals to a great local burger joint and over fries and burgers, tackle this theme: 'we're jobless, poor, let's figure out a mercantilist venture a service or product that's needed in a recession where we can under cut the going rates."

I think the best investment is SWEAT EQUITY in your own COTTAGE INDUSTRY. And you do that for a few years, banking in the mattress or under the roses and then move on to real estate not stocks.

Stocks make those who sell them rich. Warren Buffett. Not those who buy them. But if God watches over you, and you approach a really slow stock market like we have now, you might ride a wave up but the experts say, the big waves up are in FOREIGN LANDS, INDIA, CHINA, SINGAPORE. Malaysia. China came way down after the recent quake. BUY LOW, sell high.

I have many ideas on how poor people can attain land ownership, and get in the real lottery, where a buck can produce a thousand, which no lottery can unless you're the *one in a million guy!  OR UNLESS you buy lottery tickets for 1500 years! I have great interest in all things a wageslave can do to avoid being used by the IMF, Federal Reserve and its governor on our shore, the IRS and its exploited slaves in this colony, you and me.

NEXT TO THE SUZE ORMANAPPROACH, which you gotta know about, the best idea is to own property that has a low monthly housepayment and which provides for your TABLE, with its fruiting orchard, its chickens, a goat for milk and a really big vegetable garden, so that you can be self sufficient Then stick a few solar panels on the roof, put your PC and reading lamp on solar Maybe a fridge and tv on another solar panel set And oh yes, some solarpanels for hot water, too Who needs a roof anyway? And you'll turn it around and your house will be taking care of YOU, instead of you taking care of IT.

When you have your first home in town, a few rentals, next GET 20 acres of farmland 1 gastank away from town, you and a few dozen pals, sharing the cost in a syndicate, --read up on TAX FREE VACATION FOR ORCHARD/AGRARIAN USE  reading "VILLAS"    (clickable url,) and get this farm going with a dozen other families, for later in life. Buy it with a Utah Anonymous corporation so the Gov never spots it, keeps its nose out. You and your family will have this farm out in the clean air, beauty of nature, where you and a dozen other families you know and love will meet, tend fruit orchards, make jam, milk goats and make cheese, so that your kids can work all day picking cherries and making preserves a month out of every twelve. Or one family goes for apple picking, cidermaking, the other for grapes wine making. Different seasons.

Real Creation not cheap RECREATION in hotels which isn't really cheap at 200$ a night, air fare at a THOUSAND a ticket, and daily meals for the touring family and $400 a day. THROWING $1,000 dollars away a day per person is not my idea of a vacation no matter how many Etruscan statues I get to eyeball!

I'm into everyone creating a real comfortable REALITY, a sumptuous existence, and NOT being a wage slave of the state and working 40 hr weeks from age 16 on 'til you're 65 (A HALF CENTURY!) and then having the gov take your home when you go into an old age home! They taxed your back the entire time you were alive, took a third of everything you earned They used you like a human meat supply!  IT RANKLES ME that they get the house, too and your children are thusly forced to do the same thing YOU DID! Work fifty years to get a house and lose it an hour later It's as if the state were engineered for one thing only, to squeeze you to death I'm sensitive to that kind of thing.

AN ALTERNATIVE Plan would be to run a cottage industry, plow all ingresses into homes, first your own, then a few rentals, have your nephew be the handyman at the rental homes. Eat healthfoods all your life so you never need either an HMO or LIFE insurance or even an OLD AGE HOME so your PROPERTIES (held in trust,) pass to the sons,and the grandsons and so on, with taxes never needing to be paid as they are in an invisible Anonymous CORPORATION.

The SIMPLE GOOD LIFE is achieveable if you follow this formula. Cottage industries, gardening, healthfood and no doctors. You will be able to surf the ups and downs the rest of the planet suffers: landlessness, high priced food, recession/inflation roller coasters. You will be able to live like Marie Antoinette in her Petit Trianon, faux farm, milking goats in hoopskirts and if the ROYALS do it, it must be fun!

It was in my genes to sort priorities and add caution and wariness to the equations. My parents went through the depression in the worst circumstances, Dad in Germany where it took a wheelbarrow of cash to pay for a loaf of bread, so bad was the inflation. My Mom went through it too, in San Luis Obispo, California, where her mother turned their home into a boarding house to survive Grandma Elena cooked and cleaned for some gang of total strangers (all men,) and at age forty, married one of the renters, a Scot named Edwin Ruthledge Fraser who hailed from Nova Scotia pioneers who moved to ARDMORE INDIAN TERRITORY before it became Oklahoma, and if Grandpa Eddie hadn't flirted with this plump, forty year old landlady cook of his,  and their last minute clock tick of a daughter, HELEN, weren't born, I wouldn't be here to tell of it!

The memory of these events is (I swear) in my genes so I'm super primed to be aware of financial things,frugal living, food growing, cottage industries, etc, so usually I'll give people a whole stack of investment tips no matter what they ask.Totally write it down and type it up immediately, too. Then I extrapolate, get wild ideas, like the lucrative C.A.S.A.SOCIETY you can create, run, make a million with!

For the time being, I see wisdom in acquiring sturdy, old, fixer upper single family property hopefully over 8k square feet of land, as you cannot grow food for the family on less, and bought for a bargain price -- and paying it off fast No big amts owing After you have that for yourselves, buy a second, 3-bedroom house you can rent to another family would be your smartest investment bet. My gal pal grows food on a 5,000 square foot piece, but as I like orchards, trees covered 8,000 feet and I can't grow vegies,no sun! Half acre would be better for city food growing.

If you're a single person, for investment combined with personal living, a 3 bdrm house filled with roomers who take care of the monthly payment, is an excellent bet, or a 4 unit bldg.ANd all share gardening chores.

Once you have your pied a terre, then get a fertile soil piece of LAND in a rural area, one gas tank away from the city where you can produce food and where you and the gang can retire.

You want to create huge compost piles first, then as soil becomes available and deep beds are created, plant orchards, nuts, avocados, citrus, apples, and fields for vegies, asparagus, berries Some timer-generated watering systems that you lay into the beds yourself You go back to the city, return to the country, come and go, come and go and slowly each time you visit the country rustic retreat, you dig in a septic tank, those irrigations pipes, maybe a small pool, and slowly you build a farm house there maybe out of organic ingredients Adobe, lumber you plane there on site, for a log cabin, combined with thatch Study library books on how each zone of our country has a different type organic style Wattle and daub, adobe clay bricks, log cabins, planed wood, straw bales that are plastered over with clay, so many designs Tires cemented over Poured cement with any forms you can build. I cover a lot of this at "LEGACY",  *my website.

Create the land purchase as a group, work the land in cooperative ways, with pals A communal farm To read how to do that, go to my website, to the article on how Social Security will not be there for you in your old age. That's really about something else, buying rural land for free.

LEARN to live frugally, now Learn to save money Instead of eating at restaurants, cook that food yourself Instead of buying produce grow it yourself. That will give huge huge savings, every day of the week so next, invest that surplus cash in a second house, in real estate, repeating the idea of a 3 bedroom family home but this time to rent out.

Buy wrecked, unsightly houses at discount prices Then do your chic camouflage The house gets painted pale blue, every piece of trim white I did a whole house in 2 days and I'm sixty years old. Looked spiffy and fresh when I finished! Wrote up my CHEAP DECOR *secrets, too. More tips at the FRUGAL ROO WEBSITE.

Then fix the garden outside your house so it reeks charm. THE GARDEN INDEX tells you how to do that for no cash outlay whatsoever. Build a chunky rail fence on the outer edge, next to curb, with a flower bed on BOTH SIDES That means the rail fence is set IN a foot from curb You leave a small bed It's important to get all the weeds out of the soil before hand No weed can be left there, so roto-til the area well, dig in amendments, wet the soil well for a week, cover it or tarp it, to kill weeds Don't plant anything at first, see what sprouts THEN kill all that ! Water some more, no sprouts? Ok, now well rotted black humus compost which contains no seeds as you heated it with garbage and manure until it steamed. Now it's just black soil. So now put in seeds, baby plants from your nursery table, water and see what grows. Insert your fast growing cheap plants from the flats on table on both sides of rail fence, in that bed (I provide you all the seeds you need, for free, write me) I like morninglories all around the perimeter Four oclocks, calendulas, snaps, stocks, hollyhocks, easy to manage, long lasting Self sowing means you never have to plant these guys again They do it for you!

In the front yard, dig out wide holes for a few few fast growing trees. APRICOT is a winner as you can grow it from stones of fruit you just ate and it's perfectly good, unlike citrus or peaches which give you mutt trees. Ask me for tree seed! I have an interesting HINDU tree used for beads and jewelry, the Melia tree seed As you get close to the house itself, grow food bearing chayotes, (find one with a tail coming out, at the store,) passionflower vines (eat one, dry seeds on a pc of paper,). Send these two vines up the house walls with some of my ultramarinne blue morninglories. (ask for seed). Surround house with citrus trees, make jams. Start now on that one, pulling orange and lemon seeds from your eating fruit, planting in small pots Get those trees a few feet high right now cuz soon you'll have saved the cash for the investment This is going to happen!

Consider that once you've camoflaged the house that way, with trees, all around it, vines climbing up walls painted in blue paint, trimmed out in white, it'll look terrrific, charming, cozy and it's zoom-up in value will occur when you and your roomies fix the interior of the place up Every room a spiffy bright pastel, apricot, turquoise, blue. Use WHITES and/or beiges as trim but not on walls. Too blah. White trim in every single room against the darker pure color, people will go nuts at its beauty. All the inhabitants should paint canvases to hang!

You can sell this first PROPERTY as a trial investment and double your money Remember, you'll always make a huge profit if you are not tempted to buy anything but fixeruppers A very 'yar' house costs you hugely, is never very charming, is high maintenance, and could go WAY DOWN in value during a price low (oh yes, price lows come every once in a while, it's cyclic.) You'd be surprised how bad you feel when you're paying high house payments on some low price value-deflated house BUT wrecks do fix up fine and increase in value And my gardening tips are low maintenance so you let things bloom and get a lot of charm for no work and no cost ANY kind of house fixing work is easy, especially when you watch DO IT YOURSELF shows on TV. TAPE them if possible, eliminating commercials.

When there is a period of many foreclosures, if you have a lot of greenbacks, you can buy a few well priced homes or rural lots.

Double down on earnings now and keep the money in bank YOUR SPENDING habits are where you're headed nowhere but down the drain Learn to make your own bread, jam, grow your own greens, fruits, have the chicken give you her eggs Later, when you get a big farm, you can get the goats.

Remember to write rent checks yourself Fannie Mae looks at your cancelled rent checks so have the group of boarders pay you cash, which you put in your checking acct so cancelled check is in your name.

If the chronic recession deepens, remember that FDIC doesn't have cash to cover more than 1% of the deposits in this country If you're in a bank, you could kiss your bucks goodbye as generations did back in 1929-1941. My mother went thru it in CALIFORNIA, my DAD in GERMANY where it was totally brutal!

Your path out of the cash free zone is to stop spending, cook and grow your own now, get those savings into property, doing so as soon as you feel housing prices and INTEREST rates have dropped as far as they can.

If you own property during a housing price peak, sell it at top dollar getting out of the real estate market entirely for a year to check the wind Gov lets you hold on to your profits for a year Wait until after a dip or crash when real estate is cheap THEN BUY a fixer upper again Get your team together, paint, landscape.

My landlord was a cab driver in the forties, fifties He slowly bought 22 houses Rents 21 of them Great guy He has a 10$ an hour HOME DEPOT parking lot Mexican mozo named Pedro and five days a month tops, they go from house to house (ALL HIS!) fixing stuff. They laid the worst linoleum on the planet but I love it He rings the doorbell first of the month and I happily give him the rent and I'm happy as my rent's half of what it would be in LA And I'm only 20 miles north of Beverly Hills!

You too can attract happy renters who pay off your properties for you so DOUBLE down on earnings now while you're young Look for co-signers, relatives, propertied bosses who like you and when you say 'Sir, co-sign on this house, worst comes to worse if I fail you walk away with a rental property' And call the Fannie Mae They will make the loan process real easy.

Meanwhile don't spend It's important to save those greenbacks, not spend on frivolities BUY a 3$ can of coffee with a coupon for a dollar off, you get about 100 cups so each cup is three pennies, or if no coupon, a dime. Buy those cups at Starbucks it ends up being $2.50 a cup or 80 times as costly! Three trees in my yard give me and my whole neighborhood apricots, oranges and peaches. My neighbors trees lay carpets of citrus on the ground> I have lifetime permission to take what fell. They even offer me what's on the tree but with citrus, you wait til it's ripe or get acid stomach so I prefer fallen fruit.

 I make my own jam from fruit from my trees and marmalade with orange lemon mixed is A MOUTH-GASM! I make my own ice cream in a baggie in freezer, squishing it by hand. I get my chicken's eggs for free. I have made my own whole grain bread but now I like BIBLE BREAD from the store --as I don't have a VITAMIX to grind those soaked grains. I wrote down the recipes. My gal pal makes her own cheese, being she's from an Italian cooking family. SHe opened HERITAGE KITCHENS and hits the open air farmers' markets on weekends. This basic home cookery  hobby might be fun and save you money TOO. How about tofu burgers, or tofu egg salad! Or hummos making or Vegetarian chicken livers *Great recipes for them at this OTHER article too and in the case of vegie chicken livers, taste better than what they emulate!

Let my words motivate you to save on food and get real healthy while you do it, and save a hefty supply of greenbacks for when the recession here deepens and you can buy piles of discounted real estate! So let's start dreaming now What are we going to name the GOAT? And the cheese? Mine is going to be "Fromage Petit Stinque" Well, a gal can dream!

And then, when your LIFE IS UP AND RUNNING, create a MERCANTILIST EMPIRE. Services or products that people need, cheaper than they can get them anywhere else.

THE PHILOSOPHICAL side of this school of thinking is the book "HOW TO WANT WHAT YOU HAVE" by Timothy Miller, Ph.D available for a 7$ used at

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