Gen. Sir Edmund Allenby and entourage entering
Jerusalem through the Jaffa Gate, Dec. 9, 1917.

Lance Banbury Spiritual Sonnets

And quaint Priapus with his company,
All came, much wondering how the enwombed rocks

Could have brought forth so beautiful a birth;

Her love subdued their wonder and their mirth.


SHELLEY, The Witch of Atlas, 125-8.



Having been informed by a friend in conversation of a public toilet or homosexual 'beat' which had become notorious as a meeting place for men seeking casual sex, I made an effort to do something for the honour of Our Lord's Person. I went there and exhorted the men who were lingering inside to desist, in the name of the Blessed Saviour.

This series of thirteen sonnets is intended as a selection of graduated thoughts (or intellectual scenarios) centred on recollections of this experience. I know not whether they may be termed evolutionary, in their principles of meaning. Their beauty or otherwise is attempted as leading to a Christian conclusion and solution of the permanent dilemma of the purpose of poetry in the postmodernist, neuromantic age.

The Men's Public Toilet as the Old City The Moneychangers Gambaugium Crashaw The Order of the Purple Shirt One Spirit Into the Void Walking on the Ceiling (Not the Roof) of Hell Camouflage and Deception The Gare Saint-Lazare, the Arrival of a Train The Iron Railings of a Rood Screen Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Portrait