Into the Void


It was stepping into a vacuum with a blue rose in one's claw;
An ignorance of hostility in the detail of this rare flower,
Scenting the abstract, unenlightened air around with power.
Prolepsis of future temptation that the soul could not ignore,
No vain attempt to obviate and forbid later evil in store,
How the mind and voice could ardently plead in that hour.
Sight registered pleasure, nature and actŚrefusing to cower,
Only the heart could not regard the blood itself could pour.
Do not describe the prospect as the best view in the world,
Or be habitually covetous of highly anonymous emotion,
A cross round which a venomous, fantastic snake was curled.
A practical and existential risk was marked by supreme discretion;
Your luxury might be comforted, with tears your eye be jewelled,
If so, may this image also be an anaesthetic for compassion.