Smooth, mellow gum resin of the East Asian trees,
A civil war in yellow, won by the richer tone:
Callous colour, colour my intrusive mind alone!
Turn Edward Gibbon's Rise and Fall inside out, if you please,
Yet gibbons swung against secretions, at their ease.
Males and females, daubed with gamboge, in their hyperdome,
Blamed nothing but secrecy on Homo sapiens' testosterone
And at the Capitoline court, young Caracalla made them freeze.
Chrome yellow is not below you, it is intent, it is mute,
Blending nothing ashamed, the pretend key of Angkor Wat.
Relationships are air tickets, scented Cambodia is cute,
But in the present, there lies a time, there exists a spot,
That harshly echoes to Felix Mendelssohn's Reformation flute,
For pale primrose is very beautiful when all else is not.