The Moneychangers



Breaking and entering a deep illusion of social decorum,
I strode more than walked, more stepped than strode
Into the public toiletŚsin's cool and notorious abode.
I spoke to the men who were there, as if in a forum,
Indeed, I pleaded with them and there was a quorum.
At a urinal; in a cubicle; where light cracks showed:
They heard the words that flew forth and flowed,
Of God's disappointment and righteousness: Deo volente deorum:
'What are you doing? You are offending against the Son of God,'
I began to speak to them, freely and as I could observe,
It seems one left at once, in the steps he had trod.
Later I followed, like a thief in the day with his nerve,
Imitating the Master who once drove what was odd,
Changers, doves, merchants from His Father's Temple's Verve.