Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


Christ has attributes universal and cosmic, and these
constitute him the personal omega point that is
hypothetically invoked by the metaphysics evolution.

P.T. de C.


What was the motivating, mental force behind such an act?
The mystery of Teilhard de Chardin's speculation as a sanction,
For the scientific evolution of life forms in unfolding reaction,
Soul and spiritual essence growing out, a universal, mighty fact.
As animals develop by necessity, spirits devise by tact.
Necessity alone makes the basic medium of one human faction,
Results for a season, logical masterwork, plastic attraction;
A long row of cubicle doors the fulfilment of a silent contract.
Maybe all of them were saved in the tumult and the fuss,
The heroic urge of virtue compelling and aspiring to formation.
Thank God, you say, and yes you may: thank God it wasn't us.
Was a serious thinker behind the closed door, victim of predation?
I'm writing to let you know Teilhard de Chardin wasn't suss:
A psyche was possibly saved from a guilty, destructive domination.