Jungian Psychology


Verbal jungle,
gentle verbal trouble,
verbal rub-a-dub:
awful sense that I saturate the universe's
other border
off-hand comment
sun-orbiting sunset bit
awful, awful galactic beam of late night talk;
the soul leaks
on off-days of the mind, when apples
fly skyward, fly high from the bed of leaves,
rusty, orange, yellow, full palette of schizophrenia,
leaves beneath our leaden feet:
the stars we count
after sleep
are first to shatter
in that doppel universe
we know as blameless heath.
Atrocious deeds:
walkathon for old llamas;
polite handfast handshake, handmade
craft of solitary swing;
burnt eye of the knife
tool-kit of sedition
inhabited Montana cabin
grassy knoll of fiction
alone, left alone, cut up, struck
down the deserter
Jew, über-Jew
come to see his own beheading:
race to annihilation
won (centuries ago)
because I use only a blip of my mind-space;
open bubble troubled with space
but tonight my mind expands to take in eternity,
from David to Joshua's deeds.


 Anis Shivani