A Ramble


Oh, itís a hazy summer day,
Fit for a lazy ramble.
Iíll stroll into the woods today
For a nature sample.

The air is warm, the trees are still,
Nothing much is moving.
Thereís a squirrel peeking round a
Tree trunk where heís hiding.

He flicks his tail, he barks at me,
ďGo way, leave me alone.
This is my free territory,
Go find your own tree home.Ē

A Cardinal soars above my head,
His color proud and pure.
Like a banner flying high
Or a burning ember.

The trail is overgrown with brush,
I pick my way gently.
Ferns grow lushly along the sides,
Roses grow unruly.

Itís peaceful here, my heart is free,
Iím alone, not lonely.
A lovely way to spend some time,
Without banality.


nis Shivani