Gold slows to gold
(as barge on seamless sea)

Gold uses gold
(as indolence a long thread)

Gold slips gold
(as intent between hand and mouth)

Gold sleeps on gold
(as one on both ears)

Gold sleeps on gold
(as the dog that shuts his eyes)

Gold sleeps on gold
(as merry on a saffron pillow)

Gold sleeps on gold
(as the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus in a cavern of Mount Celion)

Gold sleeps on gold
(as the clown on seven hours' sleep, forgetting his design)

Gold sleeps on gold
(as wickedness on eleven hours' sleep)

Gold sleeps on gold
(as Nature on nine hours' sleep)

Gold sleeps on gold
(as Idleness on nine hours' sleep)

Gold sleeps on gold
(as a fool on eight hours' sleep)

Gold sleeps on gold
(as a hare or fish with its eyes open)

Gold sleeps on gold
(as a church even without its ministry)

Gold sleeps on gold
(as Endymion once Selene fell in love with him)

Gold is slave to gold
(as one wall-eyed to injustice and deceit)

Gold sows gold
(as a spendthrift peasant—not with the hand but the sack's mouth)

Gold teaches gold
(as the sow Minerva)

Gold greets gold
(as the heart of palm-tree the sow)

Gold searches gold
(as the body soul)

Gold is gold
(as "so so" "so so")

Gold breaks gold
(as sorrow a heart)

Gold drowns gold
(as one sorrow another)

Gold sings gold
(as the old songs)

Gold ends in gold
(as everything in song)

Gold dulls gold
(as solitude thought)

Gold safeguards gold
(as solitude mediocrity)

Gold drinks to gold
(as snob to none below the salt)

Gold snares gold
(as the mirror enquiring birds)

Gold eats gold
(as one grown young the snake)

Gold slows gold
(as carriage pulled by snails)

Gold smiths gold
(as one with a spark in his throat, sweet thoughts yet unspoken)

Gold smiles on gold
(as the Cheshire cat)

Gold smiles on gold
(as the tree on all that falls from it in fall and winter)

Gold catches gold
(as slow the swift)

Gold slanders gold
(as an old leather shoe one's heel in spring)

Gold smells of gold
(as the cold evening air Bishop wrote of, codfish, making eyes and
     noses run)

Gold feathers gold
(as he who bangs his leg against the rock to bring birds to earth)

Gold anticipates gold
(as the blind man larks)

Gold skins gold
(as the ox to discover its bones)

Gold iterates gold
(as six of one half a dozen of another)

Gold draws gold
(as white silver a black line)

Gold silences gold
(as silver exhorts itself to speech)

Gold sights gold
(as the like)

Gold sights gold
(as through a glass darkly)

Gold sights gold
(as one bound to see no more than he can)

Gold sickens gold
(as one with too much leisure)

Gold sickens gold
(as one who would know himself better)

Gold shouts gold
(as the hunter after the hunt)

Gold shoulders gold
(as horses men)

Gold sends forth gold
(as the blind shepherd sheep among the wolves)

Gold sharpens gold
(as fasting the preacher's appetite)

Gold shadows gold
(as light the better to revise itself in flight)

Gold sentimentalizes gold
(as rose-pink vapor the rose)

Gold binds gold
(as electric and magnetic forces in the space of atoms and
     molecules of the world where oranges, astronauts, and
     glasses of wine float)

Gold binds gold
(as gravity Earth to orbiting around the Sun)

Gold binds gold
(as gravity sunness to sun, starness to star)

Gold blackens gold
(as a headache the brilliance of sun footloose in spring)

Gold pauses at gold
(as one at the theshold of death where jonquils nevertheless bloom)

Gold quiets gold
(as fire in the fireplace those so inclined)

Gold films gold
(as birch foliage Dorothy and William's spring at Dove Cottage in

Gold foams gold
(as red and gold whiskers Van Gogh's face)

Gold marks gold
(as no more than his shipwrecked body the grave of John
     Wordsworth by turns lightning and sun lit)

Gold deprives gold
(as living a part of life)

Gold undertakes gold
(as death the dying)

Gold undertakes gold
(as sea salt air)

Gold undertakes gold
(as salt air paint in Maine and New Hampshire)

Gold undertakes gold
(as the bride blue, pink, and white details of her wedding)

Gold undertakes gold
(as the groom a glimpse into sexual and emotional bondage)

Gold undertakes gold
(as the undertaker dead for last rites and burial)

Gold undertakes gold
(as the sun its own demise in setting)

Gold undertakes gold
(as stars their feeble contrast with the dark from light years seen)

Gold undertakes gold
(as the winter garden its stark architecture, its Taj Mahal)

Gold undertakes gold
(as summer gardens Solomon's splendor)

Gold undertakes gold
(as spring gardens concupiscent green)

Gold undertakes gold
(as fall gardens death and final flowering)

Gold undertakes gold
(as Scheherazade the interest of her sultan and husband-to-be)

Gold unsettles gold
(as winter steps small birds in the holly bush)

Gold embraces gold
(as Ovid's sea a meddling god's tracted earth)

Gold ornaments gold
(as the poet leaf with false pathos)

Gold compares with gold
(as Ovid's account, no lasting shape, of the world to begin with
     Dali's vision of the universe, no lasting shape, now)

Gold doubles gold
(as the brain with two hemispheres)

Gold drifts from gold
(as pink petals from Hiroshige's cherry tree)

Gold drifts from gold
(as consciousness from relentless pain)

Gold shakes gold
(as the wind and assorted shook lenses, glass and such, the sun on
     a white wall)

Gold welcomes gold
(as Tweedledee Tweedledum "contrariwise")

Gold distinguishes gold
(as the high school youth with green hair coiffed like the Statue of
     Liberty's crown)


Ed Orr