water rights


the hurt and globular beauty of Mars
dawns into view
pale and silk as a woman's shoulder I
take some of my prescribed EU-NASA drugs
then some non prescribes later
out of the looking spectre of the two captains;
Leonev and Lowrey
each a woman prettier than Mars
each is almost the only item talked about by
we surfer droids the ones who are dent salaried to
keep the Mars pipeline glitch free
Leonev has asked how I know so much about water
in her private shower
tell her I grew up in the Ray Bradbury villa of Haste, Alaska
was a once military install now no longer on any map
and the Englishwoman Anne Lowry has
the rollover red hair with
skin the same as just poured milk she
wishes me on her water wagon when
the crew are given their 2 year orders on arrival
both ladies are headstrong, always get their way,
the enlisteds laugh about my predicament and call me
Solomon's baby