I map the flood basin;
ferreting for silicates, the illusive fossils, the
cold sun a fever blister in a blistered sky
cold cotton candy clouds are feverishly cold ice crystals,
from the slovenly cold horizon to falling vaguely north
and the dust is cold, blows
updrafts, devils, bringing
a blocked out storm condition losing us
the slim window time clock we have
outside the MI-illli-PEDE
and we have to pile down the twist drill locks into
the ionized core rock, the compo window shields now up
and Gaea Wistrom from the Army Corps has laseradio-ed
has found what she believes may be
multi-celled primal sea fossils
and may be DNA-able
the crew are spooling notes to EU-NASA
wanting the most up to the minute sci for the trek,
maybe help our funding a boost as
the World Congress is looking to put their scalpel to
the cold cruel world’s missions, flights