there are dark flowers


more mineral than plant

they line this cave, and this outcropping, your


trailing here in a way

remember before I joined the robot corps being a

lone human with the R-crew

the joke is that we humans are only here to

       maintain the R-corps

with the management position being that it is only

       the opposite

my crew seems tangibly loyal

except that they can plug in their interpods to

the U-mainframe

downloading it summilarly

I don’t know what they share

though we have now course corrected to

       mar-planet Zor

in the half set of Orion Galaxy

I’m here with no recall device, no tel,

30 days worth of food, water, the

manual text they have prepared left to tell me

I’m free

to consume any of the

dark flora I may find on this world

promise in their transcripts back to

Algonquin Pax Command

assured their confidence that
any and all of my secrets’ll remain safe