if I spark my curiosity
on purpose to hear a whole range
of insults

then I hear could maybe more
than you perhaps had bargained for

the weather fine imagine be
take a quill dip it in ink
scribe this down

it is fashion wears this dress I claim about
the time I wonder about
the time I wonder one two three over
it had served its purpose

dispensed with as a garment clad the girl
figured upon as a thorough bass through the air

with a fashion any idiot uncovers
daylily night flowering bane
the wonder of any age before or since

not any times this time that time
any time

could percolate through all that gravel all

that upwells scintillating freshets
end of scene

what perspicacious if you can hear the bitter end of the day
recoil upon us so if you can say
with half a mind I'll have it so come whatever may

if broken heaps of rubble truck away
there is the great thing