sketch for a parode




well that's the story

billboards go up proclaiming dandy a fancy
and the long light shakes
across the lakes
the horns of Elfland faintly
faintly blowing

what's the succotash on your plates?
the noise knows no only
only differentiations
of the central discourse

you might write as you please
will might perceive and then
the whole structure crumbles
not even to dust

chorus: ah hear you might
           as hear you must
           the thing's a blight
           comes down to dust





the chorus continues: ah what have you may
                               of the frangipaneous day?

look all around us here and there not all the way





an object lesson

watch the park built of old memories
burned down for insurance against the Feds
the storm drain floods the grass when it rains
and the old building's a life-size copy in building blocks

and in the midst a little monument to Shoah