let it go
Frank Gehry’s a Canadian
Rem Koolhaas is an amateur
and oh the latter end of Perkins & Will
tell me later about Desert Storm
give me a break
let’s discuss the going rate for wine
and what time dinner is
put the kettle on for Christ’s sweet sake
and damn the winter’s cold


we’ll lift a glass to Jim Jeffords
(he used to be somebody once)
to the new moon why not to midnight
who will have it straight who dampered?
here’s a poet sings for more
though ęsthetes clamor for etiquette
let’s have some fun
blow the Berecynthian reed
take the kithara down from the shelf
let the founder of the feast pay up
fresh roses and a finer sound
to rouse the old boy and that lass he has
who pays him no mind at all
love is here let Rhoda go
to Bascombe with a certain luster
in his hair
and let me have my Chloe though I burn