boys and frogs


and then it came out the pieces were it appears
the work of witches
so they preyed on fears
but where the grass it itches
naked bums is that they could not build
any more than they could soar to heaven
even sucking teat’s-milk from the devil with leaven
so they formed themselves an Art Destructive Guild
and made them masterpieces of a bright collection
millions of pounds’ and dollars’ worth sent to destruction

but who saundered out of his foxhole
to stop the Nazi bastards?
and who said thou shalt not break
what is not mended with human hands?
who whispered fairly who is more than just
and wrings the neck of any counterspy
from out the realm of Inarticulateness?

who gathers weeping by the brook Kedron
for the sore waste of time reverting psychopaths
from their murders their agoraphobia?

and the nation went to war because ten thousand miles away
some CIA operatives had blown up a great stone Buddha