a journey to the capital


embarkation in nice new heights

frozen for the tax man

a venturesome gain and loss

roll out the window

let us have the warm breeze off the back end of a caravan

as the English say


Hiroshige with your watercolors

dribbling and drabbling

make a note of it now for the record


what timber these palm trees in the month of June

mayor doesn’t like them make a note


sang-froid with an oyster beside the bay

a very pretty picture by the way

the sun and sun hat reasonably well

regard us more than they can tell


stay tuned for the more important announcements

such as sales at the train yards get your pork bellies

and lonesome crooners high on the back porch sundaes they serve out here

and the pastoral fire a-singeing of his sheep every man’s Bishop of Hippo


small onions here and garlic

turmeric next they grow in these counties


what a handsome sight you do make

low-slung like the Sphinx of song and glory


washout these apéritifs these old arroyos

you’d have brought the gold mine or maybe the salt flats

me the bubbling rainbow mud the cactus crew

and that lonely local bird its two legs Xing along the highway


the great cities therefore and the great showers

in the great travel accommodations that were once

like this one mildewed blind old and gray

ceded to the Inquisition by the look of things


that city that was stopped or ran out or gave up

the one that proceeded all the rest that died


outskirts of the brave capital long since redressed

by the great painter of these regions


aside from these slums those ruined acres

there are the two sorts of upkeep

there is franchise a blank store-bought look

and there is ad hoc that anyways puts a front to it


the dome doctor ought to take a gander at this

it ain’t exactly downy


something for the kiddies a memorable ensign

raised at the Battle of Jackalope Flats in 1892 or 3


high office beside the river great tune in the wind of the trees

great polecats floating downstream dead as kittens

now that’s us smelling the verdure rankly

lush at this time of year a good earthen smell