contemporary poesy & art


Edited by Virginia M. Geoffrey, I.B. Scrood, P.N. Bouts, M. Peel, M. Hardy



Christopher Mulrooney


two New Yorker cartoons


this year we’re committing

more of our resources than ever before

to the environment which means

you can all clean out your desks

and hit the pavement by noon


Ralph has always been

the very first to arrive in the morning

and the very last to leave at night

so let’s have a big round for Ralph

may he rot in hell





Maciej Gador






what do these fish think of night lures

of these sky-rounding islands bathed in smoke

the electric dazzle laid on these colored sheets

and the great bumbaste of a silvery green particles burst

with shower and reckless sizzle or even the violet







God damn the National Park Service