“Why challenge those who are shackled?” the parrot screamed. What did it expect?

There is a reason why those who are tried and convicted in the hearts and minds

of those who kill or execute them in their hearts and minds are done in. What does

summer have to do with naked women being chased by a lion as the black bear looks

on? And since this is a painting, what does the art critic make of it? What does

he have to say? “The title is interesting”? And if so, is that a put-down? Does it

really matter if the title is interesting? The title for this painting is

Sensations of an Infant Heart. I didn’t like the look of the coyote loping down

the right side of the road—careful to keep his distance but with feral dignity

somehow, I felt, unbecoming. Let survival foremost instruct in this. Those who

were denied traditional weapons turned to animals, followed their example, learned

how to defend themselves with parts of their body in place of tradition. I would

not have followed the example of that coyote. A crown of thorns is better than

no crown at all. Miss Cleo told Pinocchio he should take the advice of the Sly Fox.

Why? Because the opposite of love is indifference? Why? Because the opposite of

love is indifference? Why? Because the opposite of love is indifference? Why?

Miss Cleo told Sleeping Beauty she should go into the room in the attic. Miss Cleo

told Cinderella she should stay with her Wicked Stepmother and always do what her

Wicked Stepmother told her to do. Miss Cleo told the Little Mermaid she should

leave the sea and go for it. Miss Cleo told Faust he should make a deal with

Mephistopheles. And Miss Cleo told Lucifer he should definitely challenge God.