Fighting Dragons




walked here.

Perhaps trillions of eons ago.

Slacked jawed, did they possess insight?

Scientists are not sure.


pick up a piece of flint

try to see into it.

They seem to have the ability to imagine

the scientists not the beasts

although we are not sure.

Going back

into time

wondering, maybe rightly that


could it perhaps be possible

at this creek bed

in the forlorn slumbered past days

and this Thermador

so distant so impossible shy and sad

eating these rare leaves


postulating while it dwells

a hundred billion trillion million some odd years

moping here, looking maybe for

kills, sleeping giants?

Could this massive or small thing

humbling yet here and bring to mind

us here biting our teeth, going through candied popcorn,

hunched over a pan pizza and pissing ghosts’ TV?