dredged harbor steel


am I going to turn down the famous committee which

has again Nominated me for

for Poet Laureate (again) or

maybe the Octavio Paz Nobel Peace Prize

ordinarily I donít go in big for prizes

(all the outlandish yet seemingly small gifts and awards

awarded me when I was young

pulled from the bottom pile of Cracker Jack sweet caramel corn)

although I have hung on to many of these old status-y symbols

for whatever reasons, sentimental?

so I dash down turn down award speeches

garble how Iím not going to entertain

try come up with some Marlon Brando-esque causes

so one may be imagined in a certain you know light

but I have this bare lightbulb one

it burns

the narrow close-by skinned air

I wait for the phone to sing,

the computer to start its drive,

a delicate tap at the door,

a shut-in letter,

get none of them

then on a similar piece of paper


a further addendum