like to fish


you're in the water for a month
or days
it doesn't matter to you how much now
the sun sleeps on you and the bring-cold moon
dying on the top of you
in your orange
life jacket
bob like a toy seal
in the up and plunge of the ocean
and if you knew how to buy a boat
or check its undersides
but which a pal said isn't that like looking
up under a lady's skirt
so you didn't and you're here
in mid Pacific
and the clouds pop above you as
marshmallowy days
and your smells and taints
don't go unobserved
large arc tails of sharks;
blues, tigers, hammers, makos, whites,
indolently note you same's a check sheet
except eating at this eatery in the wide blue desert they're
not feeling crowded or a pushing urge to eat
and your outline seems vaguely strange
most'll have a thin look
from under
a few fathoms
as you could've
if you didn't listen to everybody
now it's merely the sung wind
and an occasional squeak of a bird before it signals on
and happenstance of splashes
but who knows what they are
could be turtles, or flying fish, dorado, with their
high ridged dorsal bone
except not now with the sun pinning down on another losing
it's this time a very interested party
as nearly the same as you were
feverish to purchase the Sea Note and all her
now she's hungry
with her coterie of baby sharks who need to be nourished
the waves at this slumping sun tint of day, tinged copper,
except she's not that much into color
although your orange donut suit
made a quiet flash at her from deep
surfaced distantly to apply
an almost ESP of ranged senses
a computer read-out on your vitals
is playing through her
more complete than your recent group medical
swims slowly but with purpose
you might catch her drift
if you've ever had the occasion to view
how large ocean predators vault their prey in a foam out of the
only shot glass sized triangle bite teeth
and silvered-back closed eyes
can remind maybe of when your son was young
tossing him out of the water
not even guessing that imagining this
will turn out to be the last thoughts you'll have