coming to


my shrink said itíd be good for me to write about you

help excise the wound

but now Iíve fallen for his wife who

runs his front office

heís always mortared away from the real world

in his couched office

Iíll make conversation with Lilya hours

turns out we have a lot in common;

we both donít have a problem with crazy

I, being crazy, and she,

puts food on the table from

also we both sponge off the same psychiatrist

she takes a lunch break from 11:30 to 2:30 daily

lullest hours when Gabriela fills in

weíll eat at La Mer in Newport Beach on his gold card

then make a quick check-in at the inn portion of the lodge

room 38-A, has a fine bay view from the tilt bed

she says she

only feels really vibrant with a bonafide wacko

goes on how Mr. nut doc and his collection of

blood pressure pills

just doesnít do it for her

finally my head case boy tells me I

havenít looked this up for life in years

and whatever Iím doing is obviously a winner

he just wishes he

couldnít prescribe the same thing for All his patients