All of Pavlov's Dogs.


I took a junior college poetry. craft. course.
our instructress was a
Ms. Kirst or Miss Kirst she
allowed each was in itself Correct.
she said two Thursday classes in
Whomever of you is Mr. Layton would you kindly
remain following this class session
turned out she wished for me
to Explain myself.
you don't seem to agree to follow any rules
so what are you doing
do you know what you're Doing?
told me she'd
handed around some of my puzzlements to
several other English Department persons at lunch
between forkfuls some of them proffered
uh huh Layton, a real gone cat
know what I mean
it's easy with him
give him two F's on consecutive assignments
and he'll drop the class
we won't see him again until
the following spring
or summer

tells if I don't chicken out and
choose to remain and learn something she almost guarantees I'll
learn some rules and be better for it
I said all the pieces I was going to write this
rest of the semester will
be only about her
said OK OK Mr. Layton this is what I'm
You need to follow some set rules
next sentence I asked her out
brought in that it is highly improper for
staff personnel to see students socially!
mentioned I would drop the class then
for technical reasons
said if I'd be discreet and follow some semblance of decorum
she felt I could learn some basics from being around her
we go on weekends to
the nearby mountains the deserts the local sea
laying my head in her lap days sound there like sweeps of sand
says maybe if she were to grade me on
how I smell or listen to a day
probably give me high marks
and it's turned out she has taught me rules;
I don't call during her day at work
know to buy whatever she's out of
before I show up at her door