everything from ocean to ocean!


a book shop is a strange thing to own
owning books
like rows and rows of xylophone teeth
me I would take a match to it
like Ray Bradbury said
then munching a hotty doggie I
would view from across the street
as the bombardiers in space ship clothing tried to tamp the fire
the sky oranging, then black,
I'd think of all the crap books I no longer had to pat, rack, or
like the old DJ's say
or ha ha ha ha
the witch's tit is dead
later on, when the fellows in their swell suits,
from the Insurance
ask to smile and wet wind me about it
I'm a blubber
learned how by having girlfriends leave
bawling on the then phone to try to
wrangle their backs back
cause it's easier than barking up a new tree
them handing me the hanky box
you must be you must be
I know I say
two and a half months later in the mail
is their truly sorry little check
twenty times more than the books were worth
as if anybody alive who got a book
would ever come close to pay retail;
the Bozo just made up number price on the label