such the strength of signs

I mean abbreviations


that before he dies

someone often tries


foolishly to devise

to dream up one


as if the right acronym

might save him


from time he scatters

out the letters


of his name arranging



in different combinations

or anyone’s


to spell out the logo

the curt slogan


whose shortcut on

the screen asserts


the brand buy

the standard eye


can respond to

any cant will do


any congerie of

some might work


every shtum may

shtow the way


but not a phrase

it has to be less


than a word it must

resist the mind almost


equally as errata

and yet mean more


than any term can

it must determine


itself as a what’s grasped

a spasm like the gasp


that wakes from dreams

what syllable it seems


to the dumbest ipod

it’s no anagram stupid


so drop your digiter

halfwit fidgiter


you can’t tap it in

fingertip or dumbpad


even if you erase it with

your sanity’s bleach


it must reach

you instantly i.e. breach


your customary

perceptions like Laurence Harvey


in The Manchurian Candidate

brainwash etcet


it must replace you

with a clone-face you


which is your instead

than the one on your head


Bill Knott