Latest Twist


in his oval office nest
does our President worry
whether this awful oval
was ever an egg and he
a wild gene in its cell


then the hen that squats
above his troubled den
must coo and coddle him
hush my dovecock what’s
that bother in your head


remember when I said
if we could lay our arms
down next to our qualms
and then pit our qualms
against our dreams


such harmless tourney feats
might hatch within your heart
some circum round of peace
a perfect arctic circle
shining in its shell


you my yolk would yeast
and motherbrood my roost
so drink some oval-tine
forget that war-milk machine
bomb its udders to rest


egg along with me and see
each day I lay one more
go zygote your god-reich war
stay my mutant mite astray
in white house DNA


when time unclocks its clucks
you bad li’l roosterboy
like Hamlet Oedipus Rex
you’re mommy’s junior joy
one of my choicest chicks


yet I fear your fate is theirs
ego-typical of the male
pursuing his hubris wars
he loses his human weal
becomes an insane criminal


his mind can’t mend its cracks
Humpty Dumpty’s no lie
all your Irans and Iraqs
can’t stick you together again
you’re fry freud in the pan


sicky runny on the plate
yellow gunked with hate
like medals melting nuked
all your poultry-folk cry halt
too late our goose is cooked


so pluck my feathers for
the flag of white surrrender
even us fuckfowl know what
backs up that diplomatic talk
wrungneck-hung’ll stop my squawk


Bill Knott