Games You can Play with a Human Head



            Heads of two or more will do—

     For greater challenge, play with one. Instructions:
At the agreed signal, one head will open mouth and sputter
Out a movement of their gums, vocal folds, teeth.
     This is called a datum.
Datums that include enough obscurity and ritual guilt
Earn twenty points.

Play up to infinity, or the number heads will convince another
Is infinite.

**Feeling Toss

           A two-head game.

Not one.
Not three.

     Two carefully groomed, heterogeneous heads
May play.      Instructions: (Modern Version) Head with lowest
Voice takes six babysteps back, waits for high voice head to toss a feeling.

One point for glances, four points
For every word a high voice head wurbles to a LVH, and eighty points
A feeling. HVH gets twenty points when LVH's walk closer,
Give HVH's feelings, or start to wet their cheeks.

Play for two months—

                 Most points wins.

(this game requires preparation)

                       Two heads or more.
     You must have a menagerie of rabid syllables on paper.

Don't understand?
Have some?

Dead heads don't mind!
           Once you have words—form a poetry group.
Can't make one???
     Tell your friends—
It only takes fifteen pounds of pressure to sear
A human ear.

Read the paper words.
Read them like a slide show
Of your uncle Eddie's gallbladder operation—




For fun, cock your head, smile—
Tell the other heads they have po/ten/tial,
Spin around, dabbing golden stars
On one anothers' heads.
After all the poems and worm-words read,
Sit in a large circle, spread out the paper,
And roll around naked in the printer ink.

First head to transfer the ink off an entire poem wins.

**War for Advanced Players
                 (see War for Beginners)

**War for Beginners

                 Fifty plus heads.
Using the directions for Philosophy, each head imagines
That the other heads are detentioned spirits
Trapped in the prison of healthy, supple skin.

Twenty points a head, each one you liberate.
Sixty points by convincing other heads to harvest themselves.

     Play until Mom calls for dinner.

**Tooth Fairy
           At least two heads.
Tall head and short one.
     Tall head jumps up and down.
They are the Tooth Fairy.
The other head is the Wisher. Wisher must
Close their eyes, crawling on the floor, trying to
Touch the Tooth Fairy. The Tooth Fairy's (secret)
Goal is to sneak out of the room, convincing the Wisher
The Fairy remains.

The Tooth Fairy wins...


Jara Jones