Eating The Lighthouse



You are as frozen as

a million people

rising for applause

                        she said to me


is the warm sun like skin I was walking in…?

I had begun to notice

Mothers dreaming again of giraffes

 rubbing hands in sleep and hair and honey

  rising under the tall tree

   eating the highest leaves



needing anything

he makes his way slowly

bells of clouds forming in him

in his mouth now as he’s

trying to talk



        “you know in your condition”

                   he says



    anything becomes

dangling sharp laces

  delicate breasts of diamonds

long purple tongues

and a long long gate

   to the water

  and then the fear of moving

to fast to drink


     your are as thirsty

          as a person is

     for applause

                           she said to me




George J. Farrah