How Often do We Print This



How often is it printed do we

print this the car goes by fast

the heat escapes compounds you

want cake chocolate beer wine water something else

who are you now in the heat?

you dont know or care

you are happy in the flies and wind & long grass
there are always these signs directing us advising us

encouraging a life change with product

in the weather we are in warm cold indifferent

scratched by the emptiness again & again

where do we go now that its over again

who do we call legs open or closed stretched or bent

elbows up or down hands holding

or just breathing we are waiting

hungry or tired we are sleepy but not tired

yet we are too full too empty & busy

too full & tired were can we go

lists of things to do that occur

that have occurred that are occurring

where do we fit in in all of that

we are bored but hungry

we are sleepy and well rested

we are sore so sore

but we ache to move some more

we ache for it to begin

for it to be over

we ache to just be in there

in it in us

with everyone & everything

unfolding for us alone and not for us at all

we are disquiet disrupted

inflamed and fused

we are always wanting

to stop waiting

as the days light arks past

or the night ticks its starlight by

upon our skin

we hold ourselves up

each other

and lay down

holding the time within us

learning to let it go again

we find each other

in the new dark







George J. Farrah