inquiry of a tribunal


skullcaps have we on our caps

for the due deliberations?


Dominus Christi seclorum

etc. amen

be seated please

here are the tomes in question

crack them lightly

a bothersome muddle this


who’s in charge of dusting?



first witness deposes as follows

in a glade or lea

I chanced to see what I ought not to have this

sight or thing revolved in my mind

days or weeks

until I forbade myself food or drink nine days

pondering itself

and resolved from then on to cleanse my bosom of the mishap

thankfully the sheriff masticated data with some ease

and we were not long coming into town with the facts


second witness likewise goes on to say how

marshaled were the lab boys and the



we have to say how fortunate is the feeling that overcomes us

considering the depredations in town seeing

we have the lab and a constabulary at all

God be praise in His mercy to us



third witness swears to tell the whole truth

etc. as regards the character and faith of

two witnesses preceding

this was noted


fourth witness a prominent citizen attests

the same as third and vouches for third


beyond this we have no authority

nor there is needed none


lab reports are in that bundle there

undo the ribbon kindly so


three scientists pre-eminent in their field

give significantly evidence of no misgivings

as regards their handling of these matters

we have their university diplomas and say no more about that

one dictates to his secretary a letter outlining

the general facts of the case as he sees them

another takes them point by point and decides

to forgo any footnotes

leaving these to the last


thus you have a comprehensive document


the accused identifies the victim says no idea

could have taken place within the accused’s mind

that would have taken more than a few seconds to engender

the horrible misdeed and therefore

released on own recognizance


the victim scattered belongings everywhere

in the path and they were collected

as far as possible under the supervision

of the museum director


one will turn away from Heaven for an instant

and so be lost


thanks be to God who in His wisdom foreordained

this mission to the vaults of the past
that we would wake the sleeping and raise the dead