a call to the United States


what though if the events

would not succeed anywhere

if there were to be nothing at all backwards

in this country or untoward

then if we would really seeming

apply ourselves under the skin

and outward steaming nevertheless

recall ourselves to us all

rightward wrongward this way that

mattereth not to us at all

or some other way had beckoned

then or not at all would we say

it is the United States more perfect

unioning than at all find their being

among the rocks at same-encapsulated

places this that way or the moon


the moon will be a fine and dandy place

when anyone may there embrace


but I shouldn't like to think of it

said the garden-plot-watering minister

anxiously watching the skies


it isn't only the rarefied abstractions

of a New World Order serve the world in space

but there is another made of time

a new order of the ages that comes with Virgil

to settle the matter of ancient gods and new heroes

alike the all-new harbor and the great ships

obvious betray a whole new kind of identity

after Bruges Antwerp Amsterdam

and then we dredge make room find space


the house sits only a resignation away

from the seat of power

and that is only enough to send

that is mine and unforeseen

the campaigns are unwilling enough

to suit all purposes


there is another house for these

quite another that's why those again

decide such matters ensconcement

is the decisive factor in the disenburdenment

of the shouldered horse and the tired marine landscape

outside of those conditions all are met

receiving all the alloy of the grand stock

the noble peacetime wartime anytime

ragamuffins to richesses grand story