really bland indifference to the course of things



I have to try to tell you any
or what to tell if any you know
already there were any ready
if any to know were ready you



of course

pompous as the merry-go-round
in Griffith Park a holdover
with a cheap quick paint job
it's all under new management now




look at this twist of line
not thought here's action for you
and appeal from action to you
if not as ripe as anything else
as ripe as anything anything else




a mongoloid idiot would have begotten
more than all you have forgotten
up in the loft at fairest eve
abandoning twilight's silliest greave



shark attack

in festered waters thrill at me
who sumptuously dine (along
the river say) at once devoured
rejected and forgiven at a nonce-
word spoken (here it is my hearties)



to a fine faretheewell

ah yes regard more closely old windbags
of the season cummerbund the dust
of Poets' Corner whistle me up here
a Shakespeare play or just say you did



to a tamtam

not mine alone or heather in my
mind could howsoever fractal up my
shores and this sunlight up my coasts




I have not our forgotten rendezvous
mystery all this to my sweet is
a treasure Her Serene Highness
is as it were all cities also my