Queen of Angels


there is a whimsicality that magnifies
dancing whilom with its back turned to the wall
therefrom enjoined to the singing whence
cometh perpendicularity on the rise
filleted fluked furbelowed fossiled faux
what you please
and the largest spank of the year ho ho
ho the spangles of the New Year
speckle-spackle up the old river
to a middle port of excess
where the middy casts a cold shoulder
and fruity flies like amber under orifices
all the daylong fissures mechanized and pressurized
for large containment "hence his"
sow seeds said the seashore gal
gather up all my toys
remember anachronistically the teller
of old tales finger on the drum
with a rabbit unforetold and a gym
as dim as jungles where the Pharisees float
and the drumskins tan in the hand
a spire of Pequod
architectonical bewilders me up in the air
right there the spectacle of a blimp
saying something what it says is there up
in the air up in the air
something there