Mystery in Crooked Corners


"At least," remarked Wilbur, "we recognized the China—were it not so, we would have cohabited."  And donned his mullet-proof vest-pocket.

Castle Perilous gripped the edge of the crag just inside the +1,777-populationed Crooked Corners, and was supervised by a black-haired dowager and her butler, Pharsee—nearsighted as a turnip.  Wilbur, the tall pipestem detective, was called to find out what happened to a flask of OLD PROWE whiskey—was it purloined, or, merely, stolen?—a very intellectual question.

"Why are you both staggering?" Wilbur asked.  And noticed a hump in the dowager's dress-pocket.

"Say, you're an OLD PROWE, yet!" smiled Wilbur, the Tall Sherlock, and gladly took his concrete coins of the real world, in an imaginary story.


Kent Clair Chamberlain