shut up


ail you seem to do anymore is talk talk talk

for once i would like you to just shut up


iím tired of listening to you day after day

the things you have to say are not important to me


you just keep rambling on like thereís no tomorrow

and the things you say make absolutely no sense


so would you please for heavenís sake just shut up

no one wants to hear what you have to say


do everybody a favor and be quiet for a while

the world deserves a break from hearing your voice


your constant nagging is driving everyone insane

everyone is addicted to aspirin because of you


life would be so much better if you would just shut up

iím really surprised your jaw hasnít fallen off yet


ever since i met you youíve done nothing but talk

iíve completely forgotten what peace and quiet is


even in your sleep you talk talk talk

i donít know how you do it but you do


surely there canít be that much to talk about

you must be talking just to hear yourself talk


just for a day i would love for you to just shut up

i know you can do it if you just give it a try


just press your lips together and keep them that way

itís actually pretty simple once you get the hang of it


thereís no need for you to talk all the time

if i want to hear you talk iíll ask you a question


youíre a nice person and i like you a lot

but your constant talking gets on my nerves


i just want you to shut that yak trap of yours

and be quiet just for a moment or two


even when youíre eating you find a way to talk

how you accomplish such a task is beyond me


i know you mean well but thatís not the point

itís just your appetite for talking drives me nuts


please excuse me if i sound harsh about all this

but all i want you to do is shut up


John P. Campbell