real estate


iím interested in buying some real estate

as to what kind i want i do not know yet


iím undecided whether i want commercial or residential

both kinds of real estate have good and bad points


commercial real estate on one hand's good

because itís right in town where the action is


but on the other hand commercial real estate is bad

because you have to allow everybody on your real estate


residential real estate on one hand is good

because you can choose who you want on your real estate


but on the other hand residential real estate is bad

because you have to travel into town to get somewhere


itís a hard decision for me to make

do i want privacy or do i want action


iím afraid iím at a standstill on this situation

unable to determine which way to go


i want to be close to the action

but i also want plenty of privacy


commercial real estate is more expensive than residential

but thatís not the main issue with me


i have unlimited funds to spend on real estate

no matter what the cost is i can surely afford it


the heart of the matter is privacy or action

do i want to travel to town or be right in town


the stress is building within the confines of my mind

if i donít decide soon i shall go completely mad


right now iím living in the sewers of society

just because i canít decide what to do


do i really want to give up my privacy

and invest my time and energy on commercial real estate


or do i want to give up on a prime location for action

just so i can have a little of me time once in a while


oh what a wicked web iíve woven

iíve really gotten myself in a pickadilly of a situation


commercial or residential real estate whichever shall i choose

maybe iíll give up on both and go straight for the booze


John P. Campbell