come all ye faithful to my ministry

and i will administer to you holy salvation


i shall deliver you from evil

and show you the way to the pearly gates


i will cleanse you of all your sins

and make you feel whole again


i shall baptize you in holy waters

so that you may be born again


everyoneís invited to my ministry

no one will ever be turned away


if you feel the urge to get saved

donít hesitate to come and see me


i will lead you on the path to righteousness

and help you as you take the highway to heaven


i shall rip out the wickedness from your soul

and refill it with purified love


my ministry can help you through any crisis

so feel free to stop by anytime


my ministry is always open

and i hold services throughout the day


24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year

whenever you feel the need come on in to my ministry


donít let the devil get you down

come to my ministry for an uplifting experience


donít risk spending an eternity in hell

get yourself saved and come to heaven with me


my ministry will offer you divine salvation

will you please take me up on this special offer


no coupons are necessary to get into heaven

but this offer does expire upon your death


donít wait until itís too late

get saved now to reserve your place in heaven


my ministry can help you every step of the way

just stop on by and let me assist you


my ministry will always be there for you

so put your trust in me and you will be thankful you did


John P. Campbell