love me properly


please take the time to love me properly

for i will not accept improper love


loving me properly is the only way to go

proper love is the only love i understand


i never did take too kindly to improper love

i found it to be cruel and disgusting


i hold dearly to my heart those who love me properly

they deserve the highest recognition possible


to know me is to love me properly

cause you know just how i like it


you know that i would always love you properly

so i think i deserve the same in return


my only desire is to receive proper love

can you see to it that my desire is met


if you love me properly you will not regret it

for it will make me the happiest person on earth


to love me properly is an easy thing to do

and i donít think iím asking too much from you


improper love makes me feel cheap and tawdry

but proper love on the other hand excites me


it you can only find it in your heart to love me properly

i will be forever in your debt


there's no reason to look up the meaning of proper love

for i can show you what proper love is


you get from love what you put into love

so if you give proper love you will receive proper love


so please would you love me properly

its the only thing i'll ever ask from you


proper love will do us both some good

you'll feel better giving it and iíll feel better receiving it


at least think if over and let me know

take all the time you need iím in no hurry


to love me properly takes a lot of consideration

it's not something you can rush into


John P. Campbell