plenty of oil



always make sure you have plenty of oil

cause you値l never knew when you値l need it


there could come a day when you値l run low on oil

and if you don稚 have plenty of oil you値l go dry


so watch your oil level and check it daily

always make sure you got plenty of oil


never allow yourself to get low on oil

if you do need oil call the oil company quickly


running out of oil can be a dangerous thing

especially when you depend on it for everything you do


it never hurts to order extra oil

so that when you run low you値l still have a little extra


oil is very widely used nowadays

it just makes sense to have plenty of it


if need be build yourself some big old silos

that way you can store plenty of oil


you never know we could have an oil crisis some day

and if you don稚 have plenty of oil you値l be out of luck


never take oil for granted use it wisely

and always make sure you got plenty of it


the oil market can fluctuate at any time

causing an unsettling situation in the oil industry


if you池e not thinking ahead by not having enough oil

you could get into trouble by running out of oil


not having enough oil can be a serious matter

after all you need it to assure your survival


what you need to do is to set up an oil well

with oil constantly flowing from deep within its bowels


that way you you値l always have plenty of oil

and never have to worry about running out


you must do whatever it takes

whatever the circumstances call for


always make sure you got plenty of oil

never let yourself run out of it


for it would be an embarrassing situation

if you were the only person in town without any oil


John P. Campbell