A Mental Note


Cigar stub fixed at the corner of your mouth
Navy blue beret tilted atop your thick white hair
Your barrel chest now a victim of gravity
You strut your short stocky frame down the
Midway and you point to a variety of concessions
        (I make a mental note)

As resident signpainter you caution me

"Stay away from the games of chance especially
if a customer brags about their huge winnings."

        (I make a mental note)

"Stay away from the carnies—those feebs and low grades
(as you referenced them) are only a step and a half ahead
of a sheriff bill collector or an irate husband or wife."

        (I make a mental note)

"I am fortunate," you tell me "my boss is the most
generous and thoughtful person I know."

        (I make a mental note)

Dad you were correct about your low grade co-workers
They did not send flowers or express their sorrow when
you died your generous and thoughtful boss did not send
his condolences either.
        (I make a mental note)


Ronald K. Burke