Hi! My name is Nicki Dennis and I teach the Baby Signs® programs in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles, California areas. I began signing with my daughter Ella when she was about six months old, and am signing with my son Felix, who was born in October 2006. After seeing first-hand how wonderful and helpful it is to communicate with a child before they are able to speak, I decided that I would like to help other parents learn how to experience this with their children. I am proud to share my knowledge of Baby Signs® with others in the community.

I teach two classes for parents: Baby Signs® Parent Workshop and the Sign, Say & Play™ classes. See my schedule for dates and times.  The Baby Signs® Parent Workshop is a one-time event which teaches parents the benefits of Baby Signs® and how to use them at home.  Parents will be provided with the knowledge and strategies they need to begin teaching their children to use signs. Most importantly, the workshop participants will learn about the many benefits for families who incorporate signing into their daily lives. Sign, Say & Play™ meets once a week for 6 weeks.

Do you run a child care facility? There are now also workshops and training materials available for you and your staff!

My daughter Ella (age 20 months) using the sign for 'eat'
...and my son Felix (age 21 months) showing the sign for 'more'.
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